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Stand up hook up shuffle to the door cadence


Haha, you're lookin at a few hundred pages if everyone here posts all the versions of that cadence floating around. Here's another oldie marching for you: You can't count to five! When I land bury me deep with two turntables at my feet and a mic at my head so when I die I can rock the dead. R R, Platoon repeat Runnin hard.

Platoon repeat A, Platoon repeat All the way. He's just wishing, hopin, praying! Hey Mr Ranger don't you slip or slide; cause you'll be in for the fight of your life. Cause it's gonna be a rumble! A rumble in the jungle! It's gonna be fight in the woods tonight! Early that morning bout quarter to three, Ranger was sippin on some Hennessey. Alligator said with a big ol shout, Mr Ranger I'm gonna work you out.

Early in the morning on the roof, Ranger was sippin on some 90 proof. Alligator looked with a big ol grin, Hey Mr Ranger I'm gonna do you in.

Airborne Ranger gonna take a...

Late that night the ranger's drinkin Gin, Drank so much until he fell in. Ranger hit the water, went outta sight, Alligator on him like a flash o light! We all know that the Ranger didn't lose, Ranger broke the water wearing alligator shoes!

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