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In its second round of layoffs in just seven months, the Seattle Times said it will cut to positionswith the ax falling particularly hard on the newsroom. The publisher also vowed to continue to combine and consolidate sections to cut back on production costs. A buyout will be extended for less than one week, after which layoffs will begin. Parent company Blethen has been desperately trying to cut costs in any way possible, including outsourcing trucking operations and trying to unload a chain of newspapers in Maine.

There were reports late last month that a buyer for the newspapers has been found, but all has been quite for the two weeks since then.

The Times cut more than Seattle pi dating blog chicago in April, and the scope of the new round indicates that the Seattle pi dating blog chicago economy is taking its toll. Indeed, the publisher said the advertising downturn has quickened with the plunging stock market and that even the one bright spot — online advertising — has flattened. The Gannett Company continues to pointedly ignore a website created by a former employee, even as The Gannett Blog has become a major source of news about job cuts at the company.

Now The New York Times has selected Gannett as a poster child of corporate cluelessness in this piece about transparency in the blogosphere. According to the TimesGannett still refuses to return any inquiries from blog editor Jim Hopkins, despite the fact that the his posts consistently spark dozens or even hundreds of comments. As the Times notes, in an increasingly transparent business world, silence is no longer an option.

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Circulation is hardest hit, with 45 positions cut. Newsroom is second big loser with 30 laid off and 19 positions frozen. Suburban bureaus to be closed. Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild Blog has the ugly details. Most of the cuts are in circulation. Herald-Republic announces job cuts, expense trimming — Yakima Herald. Yakima Herald-Republic has laid off five employees, closed its Sunnyside bureau, and eliminated its zoned edition for the Lower Valley to trim expenses for The Herald-Republic will leave several open positions unfilled, including one news reporter job.

Sun-Times to cut costs; layoffs loom — chicagotribune. We must scale our organization to meet that reality. Worse, this columnist claims, one is effectively a do-nothing consultant. The answer so far is cautiously, carefully and Seattle pi dating blog chicago uneven success. For papers that filed on Sunday, overall circulation dropped 3. Those papers fall into the category of other paid, which includes hotel, Newspapers in Education, employee, and third party copies.

Sales skidded an unprecedented Employment classified advertising down All in all, classified ad sales were down Publishers knew by the s that they were toast, he says.

Demographic factors were to blame. The flight of professionals out of the cities and into the suburbs challenge the economic model of the big dailies, and their halfhearted attempts to regain momentum mostly failed.

The Boeing Company is an...

Some executives took consolation in the fact that their circulation was growing despite the reality that the gains badly lack lagged overall population growth.

The game was really over long before the story began to show up in the financial results. In the continuing debate over whether newspapers should charge for content, Martin "Seattle pi dating blog chicago" contributes perspective from Albert Suna University of Pennsylvania math and economics student with an interest in journalism.

Speaking at a recent conference put on by the Donald W. Rather, they should take inspiration from the airline industry, which charges different prices for the same seats depending on traveler needs. In the same manner, newspapers should look at their product as a collection of boutique services, each with different price tiers depending upon perceived value. Establishing a single price point for online content…might work for a time but is not revenue-maximizing in the long run.

The right way entails the exploitation of a variety of niches all along the curve — and therein lies the problem, since the culture of newspapers is still mainly that of a monolithic, one-size-fits-all Seattle pi dating blog chicago product, whether in print or online.

We will be moving away from giving away most of our content online. Two stories caught our eye this week about journalists attempting to skewer the current trend toward devaluing their profession. But instead of burying the move, the papers actively promoted debate with a provocative headline: This Issue Made In India. However, editors made a sincere effort to see the project through, producing nine stories about local affairs written by reporters half a world away.

They wrote about their experience:. If our owners want to replace us with Seattle pi dating blog chicago, all we can say is good luck!

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