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The BJP has been perceived as anti-minority. Has this deepened in the last four years in power? The BJP did not create that perception.

It was made by our political opponents for vested political interest. This perception will not change Abbas naqvi bjp wife sexual dysfunction their mind. They will not let it change.

In the last four years, the Modi government has done development without discrimination and empowerment without appeasement. Scholarship has been distributed to 2 crore 66 lakh students from minority communities in 48 months of Modi government. Only 3 crore students got such scholarship in 48 years preceding the Modi government. Employment opportunities for Abbas naqvi bjp wife sexual dysfunction, too, have grown from 20, in 48 years before to 5,43, in the 48 years of Modi government.

We have performed and also did reform. We allowed women to go for Haj without a male companion. More than women are going this time. This is a record in independent India. Let us then examine the specific reasons why the perception exists. Would you agree the BJP does not give political representation to the Muslims? Giving poll tickets alone cannot be the parameter for political representation.

Several factors, such as winnability, are considered while giving election ticket.

But, we have given them representation even when we did not have elected representatives. UP has two Muslims in the legislative council, one of them is a minister. MJ Akbar and I are in the government in Delhi. Our effort is to give them Abbas naqvi bjp wife sexual dysfunction in government. It is more important than representation in tickets. We must think about political empowerment. Those who were in power on the basis of Muslim votes were miserly in terms of empowering Muslims politically.

But there was at least some symbolic representation in the past; the BJP is now accused of political repression. Symbolism will not work now.

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The BJP does not believe in symbolism. Modi has changed one thing. The gap has narrowed.

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The poor and minorities know that only Modi can do their honest upliftment and empowerment; candidates from minority communities got selected in UPSC last year, 52 were Muslims. About of them got selected this year, and 58 or 59 of them are Muslims. We have ended discrimination.

Today, their share is Another reason perception exists is because of provocative statements, incidents like cow lynching, open expression of prejudice.

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The BJP or the government is not doing it. These are done by the fringe and criminal elements. From the US to Arab countries and Australia to Africa, they all trust the leadership of this country.

There was award wapsi returning of awards on charges of intolerance. Has there been one big communal riot in last four years? Even if there is a small incident, the centre sends Abbas naqvi bjp wife sexual dysfunction strong and clear advisory to the state governments. Many have not got bail yet. But remember, this is the social media era.

There were no social media in Maliana and Bhagalpur when the riots happened there in the past. There is a need to be cautious. Those who do this, they want that hate message to reach people and become viral. Did a common Hindu ever ask to make this country a Hindu Rashtra?

Did the majority "Abbas naqvi bjp wife sexual dysfunction" ever demand to end secularism in this country? This country is secular because the majority community of this country wants it to be secular. There was a dangerous situation during the Partition.

There were murders, riots and arson. Pakistan declared itself an Islamic nation. But, majority of this country said no and that India will remain a secular nation. No one ever questioned that concept of secularism. It is because of technological advancement. Our mentality has not changed or degenerated. There are only a handful of such people. Are these people encouraged because of the perception that this government encourages this prejudice?

They know that government agenda is clear - to deal with them strongly. PM Modi said it in Parliament and outside.

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BJP Abbas naqvi bjp wife sexual dysfunction Amit Shah has spoken on this. All have one message. Violence and hate activities are unacceptable. The fringe elements are getting isolated. When they are isolated then they try to magnify their conduct, they will make fake videos, edit some portion and do such things. There can never be a fringe in the Sangh parivar. They have focused work. They believe in uniting — and not breaking — the society.

Let us move to elections. Your rivals believe that polarising society on religious lines and garner the maximum vote of Hindus is a conscious strategy. After the election was over, we sat down to analyse voting patterns. This was despite the kind of campaign that was unleashed against Modi in the run up to election.

Despite this, Muslims voted for Modi. There are more than two dozen prime ministerial candidates roaming in the country. But the results of the bypoll in recent months have shown that a united Opposition can "Abbas naqvi bjp wife sexual dysfunction" a surprise on the BJP Before general election, Congress and allies won most of the bypolls. Let us not predict general elections on the basis of bypoll.

There are several local factors that come into play during a bypoll. Have we lost the bypoll with a lakh margin? We lost by a few thousand votes. It becomes easier to fight if you know the strategy of the rival. The by-poll results are in a way good for the BJP. It will help us formulate our strategy better.

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