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Amidating meaningful quotes


Just listened to a talk from a reseacher who studied tDCS and tACS in human subjects, and found that IQ scores were actually going down relative to control groups. It's absolutely not clear what the appropriate protocols are, and behavioral outcomes could be incredibly sensitive to factors such as 1 electrode placement, 2 stimulation Amidating meaningful quotes, 3 amplitude, 4 direct or alternating current, etc.

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On top of that, benefits may come at the cost of other unobserved effects i. If someone can trade severe anxiety for perhaps IQ points, then in most cases they will probably sign up. Anxiety and high IQ are linked: Not everyone wants to be smart, but it is not a decision I would take lightly.

I wonder if you could perform the opposite Amidating meaningful quotes, jacking up anxiety and IQ CuriouslyC on July 13, As someone who has experienced this from the inside let me share with you exactly what is going on A large part of anxiety is the result Amidating meaningful quotes basically running mental simulations of the world with "negative" assumptions.

Thus, people who are better at cognitive simulation i. That being said, if you train your mind to stop running simulations all the time mindfulness or just start running simulations with positive assumptions, that anxiety can be eliminated without any impact on intelligence whatsoever.

This was not a well formulated sentence. I'll go ahead and clarify it some for other people reading and scratching their heads: E going from to is different from going from to Severe anxiety is painful for sure, but doesn't that seem a bit unnecessary? Given there are proven methods for treating anxiety such as medications, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapies, etc without such a high cost.

Most people who are turning to more extreme and DIY solutions are doing so precisely because they've tried everything else. Outside of a small core of "natural cure" quacks, alternative medicine or "unproven medicine" is the last thing Amidating meaningful quotes try after conventional medicine and methods of symptom regulation have failed. Furthermore, many of the FDA approved medications for anxiety have side effects that can be more harmful than the original anxiety, and patients have far less experience coping with those second-order effects.

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A sufferer of extreme anxiety can have developed a toolset of partially effective coping mechanisms built over decades of experience, but be totally unprepared to deal with the disassociative effects and suicidal thoughts that come from something like Xanax. Anecdotal, but the people I know who have messed with brain hacking did not do it to treat anxiety but because they believe it makes them better at learning stuff. Precisely because of the effect described in this letter - they read a couple Amidating meaningful quotes studies that sound very positive and think this is something they could easily do at home.

But I'm glad this was written. I think you're right and for me the numbers skew about for people who want an "edge" and people who want a "cure". Although, at the risk of being pedantic and playing parlor games I would say that many of the people seeking to boost their ability to learn and go to such great lengths to do it are also experiencing psychological problems. Only anecdotal, but it's never been my most successful friends trying to become even moe successful, but rather people who feel like failures or that they're stuck in a rut, or that they're just not cognitively capable of being in this industry at the highest levels on their own.

That coincides with what I have seen, those studies definitely made me and my friends curious. With better evidence I will definitely be trying tDCS for accelerating learning. Atwood on July 13, There is a bottle of contingencies in my bathroom, but, it simply is not an option for what plagues me daily.

In the days directly after having to Amidating meaningful quotes to the use of Amidating meaningful quotes benzo I am foggy and detached Have not tried some of the newer beta-blockers that are supposed to work without creative lobotomy.

They're each "proven" for a relatively small sometimes overlapping subset of the population. If anything, psychopharmacology has taught us about the extreme Amidating meaningful quotes in brain chemistries and how difficult the problem is when it comes to treatment.

Adding more options is a great thing, as long as there is strong science behind it. As long as people recognize the costs.

It is painful to watch people try to solve a problem without looking into the costs of side effects. Because of hyperbolic discounting our brains are often prone to take the easier short term relief despite much higher long term costs. We're talking hitting the maximum doses for medications, where side effects will almost certainly appear.

Some doctors not in the loop will end up overprescribing Xanax and benzodiazepines to deal with the symptoms, but fail to recognize that they're only indicated to be used for a period of weeks because they're highly addictive drugs with a withdrawal that can last 6mo or more, can cause brain damage or kill. They mask the symptoms, add their own you are Amidating meaningful quotes drunk and impaired while on them and tend to make the disorder worse after quitting.

So really, someone experimenting on their own could be considered more ethical than researchers doing it to other people ;- This is really an area where having all the data Amidating meaningful quotes critical and that publication bias we keep reading about at HN can actually be harmful to people relying on published results.

Amidating meaningful quotes could say "they shouldn't be doing that", but don't researchers want their results to be used for something, or is it just about publication? On the risk that I may sound to much like from the ivory tower but doing something out of the blue is not more ethical why should it? But you may end paralyzed and need help by other people, very clever. And the amount people at home can contribute to science is negleable. How much do all the at home car tuners contribute to new cars?!

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Is it ethical to built new superfast cars on your own ground so you one day can build a faster ambulance? Right, it is not.

Just because this kind of research is somewhat new, it does not mean it is easy or you just have to invest sometime to revolutionize the world. Somewhat parallel, people also critize WebMD. Obvoiusly, scientists want their Amidating meaningful quotes to be used but in "Amidating meaningful quotes" reasonable matter, not without context and into the blue. And publications are among scientists are rendered not that important and everyone knows that.

It is just that you get judged by them, so you do them and as good as you can. As a software engineer you also at some point finish your project, although you could obtimize on it for ever. No I think that medical research can now be preformed by anyone. I think that there are going to be great advances that come from this amateur research in the next 5 years and I think it is the next evolution of hacking.

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