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Women with beautiful nipples


Leave that to Lena Dunham referring to my all-time favorite scene in Girls. Although, I must say that would be quite liberating — can you imagine the looks you would get?

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When you really, truly think about it — your nipples should be the complete opposite of offensive. As a matter of fact, we are the only female mammals whose breasts are used for stimulation during intercourse. First and foremost, our hooters are meant to nourish a child. So, what is the big deal with nipples? Why are they considered gross in public?

An issue of equality. The wage gap between men and women is still substantial, the sex trade is growing at alarming rates and women are raped while their perpetrators receive little to no punishment.

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Women are treated like property, which plays a huge role in the issues women and other communities face when it comes to the sexualization of our bodies.

Men get away with being topless in all sorts of places and situations, while women are essentially forbidden from showing their nipples. Yes, just the nips, not the rest of the tit. We can show underboob, side boob, top boob…all the boobs. We went tubing and afterward, I unzipped my life jacket. Women with beautiful nipples had pulled my bikini top out of place so part of my nipple was showing.

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The mom actually screamed, then told me to cover myself. She told me it was disgusting. It made me feel so small, even though her sons and husband were bare-chested with their nipples fully exposed.

Being a woman rocks, but it can also be completely draining. When cultures are constantly fetishizing our bodies, and telling us we are merely objects of sexual gratification, it becomes exhausting having to relentlessly defend ourselves. I think the most blatant example Women with beautiful nipples this can be seen through social media.

I have no direct issue with Facebook, Instagram or any other platform, but I do find it hypocritical that women are singled out for showing their nipples.