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Wanna fuck text


You look so sexy. Tonight is going to be all about you, baby. I miss feeling the curves of your body pressed against mine. You have the most gorgeous ass I have ever seen.

I want to hear you moan my name tonight. I get horny just from thinking about you. I want to see your gorgeous body in person. Something as simple Wanna fuck text kissing you makes me so fucking hard.

I have a vibrator here, waiting for you. I want to run my tongue along your clit until you cum. Somehow Wanna fuck text get sexier every damn day.

Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you. I want that perfect body of yours underneath me. I never knew what it was like to want someone this badly. I love the way you touch me. I want to fuck you on the kitchen counter. Do you want me to make you orgasm with my tongue, hands, or cock?

60 Text Messages That Will...

I wish I was there with you Wanna fuck text now. I love the feel of your skin. I want to see your orgasm face. No other woman on this planet can turn me on the way you can. Do you want me to send you any pictures to help you get off? I want to be deep inside of you. Your tits are the perfect size. In fact, everything about you is perfect. I want to fuck you forever.

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Anything you want, you can have. I want to wake you up with oral.

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