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Americas view on homosexuality in christianity


The legal landscape for LGBT people has also shifted, including through a Supreme Court decision two years ago this month that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

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LGBT adults recognize the change in attitudes: Perhaps as a result of this growing acceptance, the number of people who identify as LGBT in surveys is also rising. About 10 million people, or 4.

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This Americas view on homosexuality in christianity a modest but significant increase from 8. Survey researchers face a number of challenges in measuring LGBT identity, and there is no consensus about how best to measure sexual orientation. Some rely on respondents self-identifying as LGBT the technique used in surveys such as the Gallup and Pew Research Center pollswhile others base their estimates on reports of sexual behavior or sexual attraction, which usually result in higher estimates.

Other challenges include the stigmatization of identifying as LGBT in some cultures and respondents being unfamiliar with the terms used. A slightly smaller share 1.

And the latest Williams Institute estimatesfromfind that 0. Bisexual women are much more likely than bisexual men to say most of their friends and family know about their sexuality. The most notable is by age. Young adults, ages 18 to 36, are by far the most likely to identify as LGBT 7.

By contrast, much smaller shares of those ages 37 to 51 3.

Whites are somewhat less likely 3. These differences may be driven in part by age. There are virtually no differences by education level. Anna Brown is a research analyst focusing on social and demographic trends at Pew Research Center.

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