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Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction


Vybz Kartel received a lot of bashing from dancehall fans in after bleaching his skin. Some fans even express that he looked better with dark skin, but Vybz Kartel could care less. The incarcerated dancehall star ha Dominate dancehall for the greater part of the last decade with lyrical prowess. But he also lost a portion of his fan based over his skin bleaching saga.

I would think you would have to know at the very least the Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction between the pronoun, your and the contraction of you and are before you ever set foot in that realm. BTW…that was very Christian of you to curse my unborn children. Then again, ur the slow type who cries about bleaching n masters…. Yeah ok — you clearly understand the world you live in. You idiots trying to make fun of me for having a dad: A comment about me, but not in a direct reply to me!

The scent of fear upon you is intoxicating to say the least. Please continue to bow in my presence, and keep your lips tightly wrapped around my… You know what the deal is, ratchet.

Beautifully played, my rachet gal! I get it now! We do have laws in Canada. Hate speech is a punishable offence. Denying the rights of a person based on their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and or gender is prohibited.

Yeah, and we in Canada know the difference between what is literal and what is analogous. Carry on, ratchet…slower, and deeper, please. Lets hope theyre diligent enough to capture you ,get u shaved,sterlized and locked back in the cage you belong in,sicko. He is shaved, sterilized, and locked in a cage where he belongs. Well, ur sick,i dont expect u to realize ur own behaviour. Thats why when molesters like u go jail,they chop em up fine fine, and thats world wide.

Emoticons you spastic…Pictures Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction you guys are so dumb it is unbelievable. You the one without a Daddy remember? It has more to do with self-hatred…hatred of Black skin is the stumbling block placed in front of so many us, a stumbling Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction created by Europeans for Black people. Are we as a people so stigmatized by our lack of whiteness that we are willing to put caustic chemicals on our bodies in order to emulate our former colonial masters?

I was born with Black skin, and I will die in my Black skin. No amount of Eurocentric programming is going to ever change that. Kartel is a sell-out, plain and simple. Look around this town we live in…plenty of dark-skinned folks with tats, correct?

Any of them bleaching their skin to show their tats?? Neither will those skills shield him from the long arm of the law. Anyone who bleaches their skin has a problem, and that problem takes on the form of self-hatred. He was not happy with the skin he was in, so he changed it.

Peel away the layers of BS surrounding his skin lightening and you will find Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction lost soul who has turned his back on his own Blackness. Many straighten their hair, or wear weaves. One can make the argument about those who do wear weaves and straighten their naturally curly hair have succumbed to the European standard of beauty.

Then again, women do all kinds of things to feel beautiful, and I will not wrong them for that. Once that happens I can do one of two things…I can accept the verdict, or not. I choose to accept the verdict of the court. You have no problem with Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction cos you are white — or have proper colonized mind…either way your opinion is no more significant than a worm in the Earth.

Any advice you have to offer in the matter would be greatly appreciated. To you perhaps — I love my deep bronze complexion however.

You can love your colonial masters though — your choice.

Who the f are u? I neva had no masters -u obviously have for too long,thats y u wanna argue w a girl about another mans look smh. Argue with a girl? I can reply to whomever I want babygirl.

Course u can, but at least make it fun but not telling people who they are. You picked that habit up from ya masters or wha? Rachet gal thinks the quest for a degree has nothing to do with education. Rachet gal thinks everyone should be entertainers. Ratchet gal thinks just because you cuss the loudest, you win the argument. I never said a university education made people smarter. What I did say is on average, those without a degree stand to make Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction million dollars less over the course of their working careers than those with a degree.

Anecdotal evidence is not really evidence of anything. I know people who are now making a six figure income two years after graduating. Does that mean everybody who has a degree will be making six figures 24 Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction after getting it? I highly doubt it! The poster known as tenchu makes a valid point. How did you decide i preffer light skin,other than making it up to suit ur agenda?

I never had masters,neva was a slave n never will be. Its probably why tone of his skin wasnt even basis of my comment, u gurl. A blind man can see that Kartel looks horrid as a bleached-out Jamaican. I tell you what, you with the uterus…Kartel looks like he sleeps in a coffin, never sees the Sun, avoids mirrors at all costs, has an acute allergic reaction to garlic, and crucifixes, drinks human blood, and can only be killed by a stake driven through his heart.

Paper and parchment are not equal. So, in Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction World education leads to nowhere?! It means what it means,i am not here to write a definition for something that clearly defines itself. Like I said, the women I know do not look at Kartel as anything desirable.

They see him as a sell-out, Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction Micheal Jackson type, without the talent a terrible excuse of a Black man who has tried desperately to eradicate his own Blackness. Your take on education and degrees not having much in common are sophomoric at best, and jaw-droppingly ignorant at its worst.

The lifetime earnings of a non-degree holder is over a million dollars less than one who holds a degree. That which you call debt, I call an investment.

Vybz Kartel seemingly responded to...

I was not born Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction a uterus like you, I can not lay down on my back and open my legs up to a man so he can pay my bills. So, I have to provide for myself. Well thanx for sharing ur life story noone asked u to share, hope ur degrees help u in punchin ur clock for the rest of ur life- hey we r all good at somtin, its y we r only EQUAL by birth…. And look, some decades later ur here mad at me…see,thats y we r not equal.

Can i go back to my kartel pic now?

You apparently, are no different. The cost of an education does in no way take half a lifetime to pay back. As a matter of fact, it takes a great deal less time to pay off any debt accrued through the acquisition of a degree than it does to pay off a mortgage.

Vybz Kartel has once again...

I kind of feel sorry for you. Someone like you will never know Shorty vybz wife sexual dysfunction great sense of accomplishment one feels when they complete their degree program.

BTW…might I suggest you change the batteries in your personal vibrator before you go back to your Kartel pic? Stick to pulling hair n runnin away,boy. Not sure where im from, well let me help u, we start of w microuzi and need no license to manufacture it either, unlike rest of the world. We practically bake em in a oven. Wish u were here? No no u dont have to tell me who i quoted, that level of backwards even your mother could see.

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