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Fifth harmony members hookup each other


He kicked a few beach balls that had made their way onto the stage back into the crowd, and quickly disappeared into the night, barely registering in the thunderous roar of girl power. In the crowd, girls in their brand new, baby pink tour baseball caps witnessed the reemergence of the pop girl group as an unstoppable force of empowerment. The group's hit, "Work From Home," was the first song from a girl group to crack the Billboard top ten in eight years, but before all that came plenty of humiliation.

Yes, Camilla Cabello was a shark in The Little Mermaidand it's possible to screw up something absolutely no one was counting on. Ahead of their gig headlining VH1's Save the Music benefit show on August 27, Mashable caught up with 5H to talk about some of their favorite pre-fame moments on stage.

The idea of a "hiatus”...

The girls were all quick to laugh at their earliest screw ups — and a few that aren't so far in the distant past. And the nominees are I was so excited. I was killing it and getting a great crowd response, and the end of my performance, I had glitter ready in my hand, so when the song ended, I would be like, bam.

But the glitter just fell. My mom had begged my dance teacher to let me do a solo, since I had always been in group numbers. But I wanted the opportunity to be on stage by myself and showcase what I could do, so for my first dance competition, my grandma made my costume. I practiced but I got so nervous before I went on stage that I cried.

I cried before I even went out on stage. But when I went out on stage, I forgot my dance routine, so I ran offstage, asked my dance teacher, ran back on, and finished it. I actually won, because they Fifth harmony members hookup each other me do a redo.

At the talent show in Fifth harmony members hookup each other ninth grade year, I did a Lady Gaga medley, and I dressed up like her. I sang a "Poker Face" and "Speechless" mashup. I was in fourth grade. I was always trying to get into arts extra-curricular activities.

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