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How to get someone you like to like you


It's not entirely in your control whether someone likes you or not, but you can positively influence their decision.

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Increase the chances of someone liking you—whether a new friend or a romantic interest—by smiling and being of good cheer when you're around them. It's also a good idea to find out their interests and get them talking.

No matter what, be sure to be yourself. If they can't like you for who you are, they're not worth the effort anyway! To get someone to like you, be open and honest about who you are and what you believe. However, make sure you show them the same respect back by minding your manners around them, listening to what they say, and giving them space if they need it.

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Before you meet with the person, take care of basic grooming: You might also chew mint gum and lightly spritz on perfume or cologne. As a result, you come off as more confident and likeable to others.

Smile when you see them. A real smile conveys interest and excitement about the other person, so show your pearly whites when you greet them.

Smiling when you see the person also makes you appear more attractive and likeable. Display good posture and open body language. How you hold your body can make you appear more confident and encourage others to approach you. Sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and lift your chin. Uncross your arms and legs, make eye contact, and turn to face the person. Whatever pose you choose, make sure it's relaxed, not forced.

Forced body language looks How to get someone you like to like you and makes people think that you're trying to put on a show. You may want to practice open, confident body language when you're alone. Remember their name and something about them.

Remembering and using someone's name makes them feel special, so use it regularly in conversation. You can also show you like them and ultimately make them like you by following up on some tidbit of information you know about them. How did that math test go? Resist the urge to cyber stalk them to learn their interests.

If you start talking to them about an interest they haven't told you about, the situation could get awkward.

They may also draw the conclusion that you have an unhealthy interest in them. Respect others' boundaries and personal space. You want to increase the odds of someone liking you by avoiding any awkwardness or discomfort. Recognize their personal space by standing at least an arm's length away when talking. Also, don't pry into their personal business or bring up sensitive topics.

Also, they may eventually feel more comfortable disclosing personal topics once they know you better. Respecting boundaries also applies to social media. Don't flood the person's social media profiles or push your virtual relationship further than is appropriate for your level of in-person relationship. The person could see your advances as out of place and inappropriate. Get them talking about their hobbies and interests. If you can spot some common interests that the two of you share, that's a great place to steer the conversation.

If not, ask some open-ended questions to learn more about what the person likes. Make a thoughtful gesture.

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