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Swinggcat real world seduction


If meeting and dating women feels like a struggle where you are putting in a lot more effort than they are, this is a product that will help a great deal with that. Towards the end of we discussed with Swinggcat how to address some of the customer service issues that our readers were reporting to us. Following our discussion he has moved this product over to the Clickbank marketplace, so as to avoid any similar issues in the future.

With the strong customer service that Clickbank provides, we now feel confident recommending this product as any customer queries and refund requests will be handled professionally and promptly. Swinggcat Swinggcat real world seduction one of the most respected members of the dating advice community and has been around for a long time. This book represents his thoughts and discoveries that have seen him become an inspiration to many other dating coaches. In a market where a lot of products are simply regurgitated from Swinggcat real world seduction, this book is truly innovative and Swinggcat is widely acknowledged as having been the first to publicize many of these techniques.

For someone who is well known at teaching 'outer game' techniques, Swinggcat actually has some very good information about 'inner game' and how to develop your confidence.

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There are practical exercises he gives you to change your beliefs about yourself and women. The section about how to expand your comfort zone combined with developing powerful beliefs Swinggcat real world seduction particularly useful. The method he suggests of incremental growth is definitely the way to go. Psychology Where Swinggcat seems to differ from other authors, is that he seems to have an equal knowledge base both from theory and real world application.

It is clear that he is very well read and has a firm grasp of psychological principles in terms of what makes people tick. Most of his techniques are based on psychology and getting into a woman's head. But it certainly isn't armchair advice, the techniques he teaches are seriously effective and work on a deep level. His basic model of seducing women consists of getting them to see you as the 'Prize'. This is Swinggcat real world seduction term he uses continually throughout the book, and refers to the fact that the woman needs to see you as someone that she wants to win over.

His method involves turning things around so that you are the selector, and she is the one chasing you. While this isn't a new concept, the techniques he teaches for making this happen are perhaps the best I've come across. Essentially, he teaches you to decide what you are specifically looking for in a woman, and communicate that directly when talking to girls.

So instead of trying to match up to her standards, you're qualifying her to see if she meets yours. This is where you will get a lot of the gold nuggets that teach you how to make women Swinggcat real world seduction to seek your approval. It's very effective at creating sexual tension and will give you an edge over your competition. While in theory this should work on all women because it is based on proven psychology, in reality this is not necessarily the case.

The reason being, these girls are used to getting their own way with men all the time. It's rare for them to encounter a man with unshakable core confidence and who is prepared to stand up to them. Deep down, this is what these types of women are really looking for. Whereas most guys try to win these women over by pleasing them, Swinggcat teaches how to compel them to please you. On the other hand, women of average looks and lower confidence will often be put off if you try these techniques on them.

You will Swinggcat real world seduction be bringing up a lot of insecurities they already have and waving them in their face. You risk touching a raw nerve where the girl feels that she is not good enough in comparison to other girls and she'll feel you wouldn't want to be with her.

This is something that the book doesn't cover, but is extremely important to take into consideration. To understand attraction on a more basic level, you may want to check out Make Women Want You.

A lot of Swinggcat's personal experiences of seducing women occur in Los Angeles, where women are extremely attractive and get approached frequently. His tactics would be most effective in this environment.

So if you're wanting to pick up women 'out of your league' and prefer higher-end bars and nightclubs, his approach is a great way to go. If you're just looking for a low-maintenance girlfriend who you have a lot in common with then most of what is suggested in this book won't be necessary. The first half of the chapter relates to the inner game of approaching women, and contains some good advice.

But the second half devoted to the outer game contains nothing new. Some of the ways he suggests to approach a woman, such as tapping her from behind, are questionable at best.

To his credit, Swinggcat suggests not using any of his own approaches word-for-word, but to learn the model and then create your own. If you are not able to approach women effectively, this is not the most comprehensive book to learn from though.

Consider checking out the chapter on approaching women in the Magic Bullets Handbook instead. The strength of this book is how effective it is when used early on in your interactions with women. You wouldn't want to continually use all these techniques on a woman once things have progressed further.

But when you're in a relationship if you continually keep it up, you risk damaging the connection that you've developed. So if you're looking for advice on how to build or maintain a long term relationship, this is not the book for you. The formatting and presentation of the book is quite basic, and the hyper-links were not working.

There is an alarming number of spelling mistakes and missing words that interrupts the flow of reading. "Swinggcat real world seduction" too bad that is should effect your understanding of what he's talking about, but I had to stop and reread a number of passages for clarification. In addition we receive from time to time complaints about customer service - with people not getting responses to support requests after they purchase.

Customer service and packaging is a weak point. Make no mistake about it, it will take some time to effectively learn these techniques so that they appear natural when talking to women. If you've already got some experience, then you'll adopt many of these techniques much quicker.

Something Swinggcat does here in this book is set homework assignments at the end of each chapter, designed to ingrain his techniques in your mind as quick as possible.

This is a good way to learn and well worth doing. If you put in the time and practice these techniques, they will help you get more success with women. No doubt Swinggcat real world seduction it. Initially though, you may run into the problem of sounding like you are using rehearsed pick up lines, especially if you copy his routines word-for-word.

By studying the concepts and then applying them to your own natural personality, you'll integrate everything much more seamlessly.

The whole section on beliefs and inner game is basically all new content.

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There are some chapters that cover new techniques and ideas, and most of the content from the original has been expanded upon.

Whereas in the first book Swinggcat includes a field report of how he managed to seduce a woman into bed, this version contains "Swinggcat real world seduction" same report plus two others. If you have read the first book, you should have a good understanding of Swinggcat's style. There is enough new content here to make it worth reading, but the core principles are essentially the same.

If you've mastered the techniques that you learnt from the first book, you might find a lot of the information in this version redundant. Bonuses One of the bonuses you'll get here is Swinggcat's phone and text game course.

Real World Seduction reviews by...

This is an audio course that features 19 different tracks that you can listen to online, and contains a fair bit of content. If you follow all of the advice in the main product you should soon be getting quite a few numbers, so this bonus product aims to make sure you capitalize on them. There's some explanation here on what most guys do wrong, and how phone numbers don't always mean as much as guys think they do. There's the '7 myths of phone game' and this will give you a good grounding on a woman's mindset when she gives you her number.

Neither of these are inherently true but will depend on certain variables that differ from person to person. Overall though there is some solid advice here, and it goes quite deep into psychological aspects that boost your chances of seeing the woman again.

There are a couple of short written reports, one on getting past sexual resistance and the other on turning friends into lovers. Some decent enough info in these, Swinggcat real world seduction don't expect comprehensive manuals that cover the subjects in their entirety. The Bottom Line This is a very detailed book full of effective techniques written by a guy who knows what he's talking about.

When it comes to attracting particularly beautiful woman and having them chase you, this book was a classic and still stands the test of time. Comments 0 Help other users find "Swinggcat real world seduction" most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?

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It was one of the first and remains an original work on the art of push and pull and attraction. Attracting Women Experience Level s: Real World Seduction Release Date: January 01, Price: Real World Seduction 2. This page eBook is divided into four parts and and comprised of 20 chapters: Part One covers big picture pieces to making women see you as the Prize and contains two chapters.

Part Two gives you specific tools and techniques for making women see you as the Prize and comprised of seven chapters. Part Three is all about sparking sexual tension "Swinggcat real world seduction" emotionally driving women to chase you. Part Four give you tools for recognizing and dealing with barriers women put up and tests they throw Swinggcat real world seduction you.

Part Five sums up everything in the book.

In this section you'll get a complete structure for utilizing all of the information in the book along with three Swinggcat real world seduction world field reports from Swinggcat. You'll learn to develop 11 attributes that unconsciously drive women to see you as a Prize they want to win over.

You'll get lots of exercises for developing rock-solid confidence and congruence with women. You'll learn about frames and Meta-Frames. Frames are the underlying meaning of our behaviors and actions.

The Meta-Frame is the underlying meaning of an interaction between a man and a woman. In these chapters you'll learn Swinggcat's formula for establishing and maintaining the Meta-Frame - underlying meaning - that you're the prize women want to win over. Master this, and women will inevitably see you as a high value man they want to vie after.

You'll discover body language for controlling meta-frame.

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Swinggcat real world seduction unearth both the inner game and outer game secrets to cold approaching women. Swinggcat's Guide to Real Seduction. Introduction So remember, men who are the PRIZE do not go into her world but make her come into their world. Author: Swinggcat; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: Kb; Downloaded: times; Categories: Art Of Seduction; In the last few years several books have. Swinggcat PUA ia pick up artist, author of Real World Seduction.

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