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Dating memphis p bass


Log in or Sign up. Nov 13, 1. It looks, feels and plays just like a Fender P Bass, even the headstock shape, but it's labeled as Memphis.

I talked to the owner the pianistwho said he bought it in a pawn shop some years ago.

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That's all he knows about it. I like the instrument and would love to know more about it. Nov 13, 2. Nov 13, 3. My first guitar was a Memphis, black Les Paul knock-off, purchased for me in by my mom.

I just wanted to revisit...

It was a pretty lousy entry level guitar. I can remember her telling the salesman that she wanted something cheap in case I didn't stick with lessons. I am pretty sure it was made in China.

BigDaveyTwinkleNov 13, Nov 13, 4. I love me some Memphis guitars.

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These typically have the logo like the bass in the pic above. I had a Memphis Les Paul Custom copy that was on equal footing with the real deal. Unfortunately they got sold along the way JoeBob has an ultra cool Memphis set neck, Paul-ish axe with the Dating memphis p bass headstock like a flying V Nov 13, 5. This is an older bass probably aound the 80's.

The finish shows the age and patina that a lacquered finish would, which is what I believe it is. I borrowed it when I was first interested in learning bass, all I had to do was make sure I brought it back each service so it could be used when needed. In exchange, I set the bass up well and repaired the hinges on the case.

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