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Queerplatonic dating apps


New to this term? This subreddit is obviously about aromanticism and is frequented by many aromantic people. Any hatred will not be tolerated. It is okay to ask questions if you don't understand aromanticism, and we understand sometimes people don't realize they are saying hurtful things.

You're expected to listen and do your best to be considerate and open-minded here. In particular, posting about aromatic things, aromatherapy etc was funny in the beginning but will now be treated as off-topic and removed.

Some queerplatonic relationships involve sex....

If you have nothing nice to Queerplatonic dating apps, then do not comment. If you are having a disagreement with someone, you are expected to engage in civil discussion. Things like name-calling or personal attacks are not allowed. While we don't wish to turn away those who need support, this subreddit will not be able to provide the help you need. Please, read the site rules here: Make sure you are following them. Aromantic on a dating site? I'm not Aromantic and I have no experience with Aromantic people.

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