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Swirl life dating website


Needless to say, quite a bit has been happening lately on the political scene here in the United … [Read More Contrary to popular belief, Black women are NOT a monolith.

We pursue interests as diverse as our … [Read More Is life something you can design? According to our podcast guest, "life is something … [Read More Are you ready to swirl?

It's time to get your head and heart ready for love, take charge of your … [Read More Our very popular Featured Swirl life dating website spotlight is revving up, and who better to get the party started … [Read More But more … [Read More We couldn't be prouder.

Our 3-year podcast anniversary is coming up in June In addition to … [Read More The benefits of dating me: You will be dating me. We all love it, right? But do you know when the magic really occurs?

In this podcast episode, Adrienne, Rachel and I engage in a candid, unscripted conversation about … [Read More Single of the Week — remember that? Swirl life dating website have quite … [Read More For some, finding it may seem elusive. If that's your story, don't … [Read More Countdown to the 50th Anniversary of Loving v Virginia! Our friend Williesha Morris is no … [Read More Desperado is defined in the Oxford online dictionary as a desperate or reckless person, especially a … [Read More Unfortunately for many, credit is an incredible source of stress and worry.

Because … [Read More We haven't had a Single of the Week in quite a while.

According to our podcast guest,...

We've been busy with dating tips, Facebook … [Read More Have you been around on Facebook or the inter-webs for the past couple of weeks? If so, then … [Read More Ready or not, the first day of Spring is upon us. Spring is a time of newness.

We engage in … [Read More Equality, respectability and romance. Interracially married … [Read More Swirling Successfully Online … Swirl life dating website More Stay tuned - we have lots of great posts, podcasts and services in … [Read Swirl life dating website Loving and being loved is a basic human need and desire.

Unfortunately, doing what Adrienne … [Read More So how and where does … [Read More Reaching goals is a process. We must prepare for working hard, holding fast to our determination … [Read More Adrienne explains … [Read More We often shy away from scars. Adrienne has a different … [Read More What do you want? Sometimes you must do a Other times, a will do. Either way, we must … [Read More Get social with … [Read More This year, we … [Read More We receive lots of emails and messages on Facebook.

According to our podcast guest,...

Some of them are real doozies. This email was … [Read More One of the goals … [Read More Alicia Fleming is this week's Swirler of the Week, and one word comes to mind to describe her: If you haven't signed up yet, … [Read More Whether you celebrate or not, you can do this: All hail the longevity of interracial relationships between Black Women and White Men! A Sweet Spot … [Read More Black women are fabulous.

Interracial Dating Club for Black...

Meet Chicago Native Kim Taylor! I am a … [Read More We have places to go and people to see.

Let's have a travel adventure … [Read More It can be a wonderful place — and it can … [Read More Last week we announced we were bringing back our Swirling Single of Week. Hip Swirl life dating website class, and a sexy one at that??!! Um, not me — Tobi-Velicia Johnson! We often say … [Read More You're in the right place!

Swirlr - The dating site...

Either you feel it for someone, or you don't. More Posts from this Category. Listen to the podcast!

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