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For a more tightly focused search you may use the Boolean Operators to combine different search terms. The document has to contain one of Dreieck winkel berechnen online dating search terms. This function broadens your search and is recommended, when there are different terms for the same meaning. This function works excluding and might be useful to reduce a large result list: Documents, which contain the one term, may not contain the other.

In the field 'Search: Use them in place of a character or characters that are unknown or that may differ. You cannot use them in front of a word or search string. Dublin Core is the result of international efforts to reach a collective consensus in describing electronic objects in the broadest sense.

It supports fast communication in the science community world-wide and promotes barrier free access to subject specific information in the sense of Open Access.

In addition, the publication system serves as a document server for publications derived from the special collection areas, which the University Library Frankfurt am Main is responsible for: Access is via the national and international library catalogues, search engines, OAI service providers and other reference tools.

Long-time storage of theses, diploma and master dissertations as well as their original documents are thus provided. The operator is obliged to support the author with their publications, to archive the documents and to maintain permanent access bearing a justifiable amount of effort in mind.

The contents of the documents are exclusively the responsibility of the author or the agent. Authors or publishers are obliged if possible to clarify any potential copyright or exploitation of rights of a third party or to procure their agreement.

If the author has knowledge of the existence or the development of legal obstacles he is obliged to inform the University Library without any hesitation. The University Library is Dreieck winkel berechnen online dating liable Dreieck winkel berechnen online dating damage which results from the violation of copyright or the exploitation of rights as far as there is no known deliberate gross negligence.

According to the recommendations of the Wissenschaftsrat on digital information supply via universities all scientists at the University of Frankfurt are requested to behold the right to self-archiving in the Institutional Repository as well when signing contracts.

More information as pdf document at Wissenschaftsrat. The metadata of those documents published on the document server can be accessed by everyone via OAI, stored and if necessary expanded or in selection made available to a third party. Documents already published will not be deleted from the server.

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The publication of multimedial documents, which comprise audio and video sequences, is also possible. An electronic document which is published on the document server has to fulfill the following conditions: It is intended to be disseminated publicly. It is not a dynamic document. If changes need to be made then the changed electronic document will be stored as a new document.

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