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Erickson explained it is difficult to be in limbo; a date certain will allow employees to make plans. Dahl recommended a period of three months to sunset home health care, thereafter, leaving it to private providers. He added the objective is to leave nobody behind. No action was taken this day.

Commissioners may make a decision at the next meeting. Veterans home Information was provided this day to commissioners from both Preston and Spring Valley, as requested, to promote their city as the best option for a future veterans home in Fillmore County. During this week any questions or requests for further information from commissioners will go through County Coordinator Bobbie Vickerman to city officials or veterans home committee members.

At the April 10 meeting each commissioner will mark a ballot selecting one of the two cities. Vickerman will announce the results from the balloting, after which a resolution will be drafted. County Engineer Ron Gregg explained the software will help identify culverts and save time. Whoooo snapped this picture of what appeared to be a Barred Owl? Donna Conlan of Preston, Minn. Photo submitted by Donna Conlan. Preston commits cash contribution for veterans home By K aren R eisner karen fillmorecountyjournal.

These contributions will only be expended in the event a veterans home is approved to be built. The commitment of cash from the city and PPU is part of a proposal that was drafted to be submitted to the county on April 3. Both Preston and Spring Valley were asked to submit their proposals to the county board to help the board decide which city will be endorsed as the location for a potential veterans home. She commented that home care services are hard to find in Fillmore County.

The number of clients being served by the county have generally been trending down over the last several years. There Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating 15 skilled nursing clients, includes injections, wound care, blood draws13 home health clients personal care and light houseworkand 50 homemaker clients cleaning, laundry, errands.

In all of these areas there has been a decline in the number of clients and visits except for a slight uptick this last year in the number of home health aide and homemaker clients but less home health aide "Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating" homemaker overall visits. Eight of the homemaker clients also receive home health aide. Eight of the homemaker clients are currently on CDCS consumer Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating community supports.

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Erickson noted everyone has the option to go to CDCS to hire a homemaker. Reimbursement for these services are determined by the state. Erickson said many agencies are not able to be sustained on the amount of reimbursement. The cost of home care services provided by the county are not cov. This feasibility study will help commissioners make an informed decision as to the future of county provided home "Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating" services.

Erickson noted that Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating local providers are interested in taking on clients and staff to provide these services. Commissioner Randy Dahl insisted we all want people to get good care. It is his understanding that there are agencies willing and able to do this. Commissioner Duane Bakke said, if we quit providing home care service, we want to know every client is taken care of by someone else. He also expressed concern about existing county home care employees and their ability to find employment with other providers or the possibility of some doing something else within the county system.

Erickson said they could have a job fair for home health aides. Many providers in our area are short of staff. All three providers she has contacted want to be part of a job fair and hire additional staff. It was suggested clients would likely follow the home health care person they are familiar with. Erickson said there are a couple of options. They could sunset the program after a period of months to make sure clients have their needs met and to hold a job fair for home health aides.

The other option is to phase out. Technology funds will pay for the software. A tablet for Wi-Fi transmission.

This small remote control car can be sent through culverts as small as Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating inches in diameter and up to feet long. Gregg said it will be a huge benefit in determining the physical condition of culverts. The funding for the purchase of the vehicle was budgeted. Approval was given to advertise for a replacement bridge in Beaver Township near border of Bloomfield Township.

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A resolution was adopted to create authority to approve or deny parcel splits. Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating checklist to be used as an aid to transfer land or a tax parcel has been developed. There will be an ice cream social April 10, On Thursday, April 26 from 9 a. Sheriff Tom Kaase asked that we acknowledge and recognize our dispatchers.

National Severe Weather Week is April We are your 1 source for legal notices.

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Bring in your old mower and trade up for the new mower that fits your needs. The Rube Goldberg team takes 1st at the state level competition.

On to Nationals in Chicago!! Congrats and good luck!! Thanks to Steve Goldsmith for bringing in a special guest! They will advance to "Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating" Competition! Congrats to the new Minnesota Honor Society inductees! Thank you to the MHS students and advisory staff for facilitating a very special night for these students and their families.

Congratulations to the Academic Triathlon team and their coaches Jodie Daniels and Samantha Thorson that won the regional competition.

The win qualifies them for the state AT meet, which will be held April 14th. They will represent Chatfield well! Good fun, good games, good sportsmanship. Congrats to the students on the W! Great effort by all! For more information on upcoming school events please go to www. C ommentary One Moment, Please To me, the most notable Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating is what resulted in the hippies of the late s.

And, I think we are due for another generation of hippies. They will be rejecting what their parents embraced.

The next generation of hippies will seek authenticity. The next generation of hippies will reject a life based on the volume of social media views, shares, and likes validated by peer approval.

Maybe our children of today will grow up to be the parents who play board games with their kids during a hiking or canoeing trip, excluding themselves from technology for a greater duration than their parents. Yes, no photo will appear on the internet!

Only those present will ever know that it happened. But, it will be their moment; their memory to Editorial Cartoon. And, they will talk about it. All of the things that happened that made that moment memorable. They will laugh about it and talk about it for decades to come. Kids and cellphones As I mentioned in my previous commentary, children have been given access to technology at too young of an age. Most of our children are not mature enough to handle what they have been provided with Smartphone technology.

Forum fbmn h-date herpes dating are joining Snapchat, Facebook not so muchand Instagram — all with innocence.