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Midlife dating red flags

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Ever date a guy who seems to be everything you want, except for a few tiny details that you shove to the back of your mind and refuse to think about? In the forefront, you are head over heels He calls, texts, sees you and seems absolutely crazy about you.

Run, Don't Walk, to the...

You have fabulous conversation. The chemistry — you could practically electrocute each other from the intensity of sparks flying. He starts talking about your future from the second date.

He brought it all up on his own which makes it mean so much more to you. Definition of a Midlife dating red flags Junkie Do you know what a romance junkie is?

Its a man who is literally addicted to romance. He looks for new opportunities all the time to fall head over heels in love and sweep women off their feet. New and Women as in plural. A romance junkie comes on very strong. He gets himself wrapped up in your life in record time.

Your date will probably be...

Still sounds like fun right? This incredible, amazing man with a highly evolved sense of romance is still a junkie. If you get hooked up with a romance junkie, you will most likely be a casualty of love.

It Happened to Me I have a dating coaching client right now who just had a brush with this kind of man.

My heart goes out to her and to any other woman who this has happened to. I know because it happened to me.

I allowed him to take my power away. Here are the warning signs that can tip you off to dating a romance junkie: Does he mean any of it? Interestingly enough, some romance junkies actually believe their own stories. In that moment while they spin the tale, it seems true enough. It will lose its intensity and newness. Needing a fix — the fix of new romance.

Midlife dating red flags makes the romance junkie run? Women have spent countless hours rehashing everything that happened. Trying to make sense out of it. Trying to get how a man could love you so deeply Midlife dating red flags then, poof vanish in a puff of smoke as if he never existed. Never planned your future.

Sure, you and your date...

Never made you feel like Prince Charming had finally arrived. Because its junkie behavior generated from an addiction.

Since nobody has time to...

So forget trying to talk to him about it. And you start rehashing looking for answers. If you could just fix whatever thing you did wrong.

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