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Stand and Deliver is a American drama film based on the true story of high school math teacher Jaime Escalante.

Jaime Escalante becomes a math teacher at James A. The school is full of Hispanic students from working-class families who are far below their grade level in terms of academic skills and also have a lot of social problems. Escalante seeks to change the school culture to help the students excel in academics.

He soon realizes the untapped potential of his class and sets a goal of having the students taking AP Calculus by their senior year.

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Escalante instructs his class under the philosophy of ganasroughly translating to "desire" or "motivation. The students begin taking summer classes in advanced mathematics with Escalante, who must withstand the cynicism of the other faculty, who feel that the students are not capable of this.

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As they struggle with the lower expectations that they face in society, Escalante works hard to teach and encourage them, and they pass the AP Calculus exam. To the dismay of both Escalante and the students, the Educational Testing Service questions the success of the students, insisting there is too much overlap in their errors and suggesting the students cheated.

Pelicula so close latino dating defends his students and feels that the allegations are based more on racial and economic perceptions. He offers to have the students retake the test months later, and the students all succeed in passing the test again, despite only a day to prepare, which ends all concerns of cheating. Ten of the students signed waivers to allow the College Board to show their exam parts to Jay Mathewsthe author of Escalante: The Best Teacher in America.

Mathews found that nine of them had made "identical silly mistakes" on Pelicula so close latino dating response question 6.

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Mathews heard from two of the students that during the exam, a piece of paper had been passed around with that flawed solution. Escalante first began teaching at Garfield High School in and taught his first AP Calculus course in with a group of 14 students. Only five students remained in the course at the end of the year, only two of whom passed the AP Calculus exam. So Escalante established a program Pelicula so close latino dating East Los Angeles College where students could take those classes in intensive seven-week summer sessions.

Escalante and [principal Henry] Gradillas were also instrumental in getting the feeder schools to offer algebra in the eighth and ninth grades.

He pointed out that no student who did not know multiplication tables or fractions was ever taught calculus in a single year. Also, he suffered inflammation of the gall bladdernot a heart attack.

In DecemberStand and Deliver was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

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The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these Pelicula so close latino dating. The subplot of " Eek, a Penis! Cartman assumes the role corresponding to that of Jaime Escalante, but unlike in the film, which depicted the students falsely accused of cheating, the episode parodies this in a reference to the National Football League videotaping controversy. As Cartman coaches the students to cheat on an achievement test, several students raise objections to his morally questionable methods.

Cartman points out that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was caught red-handed, and no one cared. Cartman tells the students that America does not mind a cheater, as long as he cheats his way to the top.

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