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Miniature golfalso known as minigolfcrazy golfor putt-puttis an offshoot of the sport of golf focusing solely on the putting aspect of its parent game. It is played on courses "Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating" of a series of holes usually a multiple of 9 similar to its parent, but characterized by their short length usually within 10 yards from tee to cup.

When miniature golf retains many of these characteristics but without the use of any props or obstacles, it is purely a mini version of its parent game. While the international sports organization World Minigolf Sport Federation WMF [2] prefers to use the name "minigolf", the general public in different countries has also many other names for the game: The name Putt-Putt is the trademark "Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating" an American company [3] that builds and franchises miniature golf courses in addition to other family-oriented entertainment, and the term "putt-putt" is sometimes used colloquially to refer to the game itself.

The term "minigolf" was formerly a registered trademark of a Swedish company that built its own patented type of minigolf courses. Geometrically-shaped minigolf courses made of artificial materials carpet began to emerge during the early 20th century. The earliest documented mention of such a course is in the 8 June edition of The Illustrated London Newswhich introduces a minigolf course called Gofstacle. Thomas McCullough Fairbairna golf fanatic, revolutionized the game in with his formulation of a suitable artificial green—a mixture of cottonseed hulls, sand, oil, and dye.

With this discovery, miniature golf became accessible everywhere; by the late s there were over rooftop courses in New York City alone, and tens of thousands across the United States. Nearly all minigolf courses in the United States were closed and demolished before the end of the s. The "Mapes" was constructed as a summer home in the s but was renovated into a club inopened to the public inand had a miniature golf course in The popular nightspot burned in West Island ChronicleJune 29, One of the first documented minigolf courses in mainland Europe was Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating in by Fr.

In Edwin O. Norrman and Eskil Norman returned to Sweden from the United States, where they had stayed for several years and witnessed the golden days of the American minigolf boom. In they founded a company "Norman och Norrmans Miniatyrgolf", and began manufacturing standardized minigolf courses for the Swedish market. During the following years they spread this new leisure activity across Sweden, by installing minigolf courses in public parks and other suitable locations.

Swedish minigolf courses typically had a rectangular wooden frame surrounding the playing area made of tennis field sand [9] while the American manufacturers used newly developed and patented felt Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating the surface of their minigolf courses.

Felt did not become popular as a surface material in Sweden until in the mids—but since then it has become practically the only surface material used in Scandinavia and Britain, due to its favorable playing qualities in wet weather.

Minigolf courses with a felt surface can be played Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating rainy weather, because water soaks through the felt into the ground. The other Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating used surface materials, beton and eternite, cannot be used in rainy weather, because the rainwater pools on them, stopping the ball from rolling.

National Swedish championships in minigolf have been played yearly since Inthe minigolf course in Ascona Switzerland opened, the oldest course worldwide following the norms of Paul Bongni.

The earliest documented minigolf competitions were played in the United States. Qualification play-offs were played in all of the 48 states, and the final competition on Lookout MountainChattanooga, Tennessee attracted over players representing thirty states.

The American minigolf sport boom of the s inspired many European countries, and the sport of minigolf lived on in Europe even after the American game fell into Depression. They then went on to football. In Joseph and Robert Taylor from BinghamtonNew York started building and operating their own miniature golf courses.

These courses differed from the ones in the late 20s and early 30s; they were no longer just rolls, banks, and curves, with an occasional pipe thrown in.

Their courses not only had landscapingbut also obstaclesincluding windmillscastlesand wishing wells. Impressed by the quality of the courses, many customers asked if the Taylors would build a course for them. By the early s, Joe and Bob formed Taylor Brothers, and were in the business of building miniature golf courses and supplying obstacles to the industry.

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During both the Korean and Vietnam Warsmany a G. Military had contracted to be built and shipped overseas. In the s, Don Clayton invented the Putt-Putt brand with a focus on treating mini-golf seriously, emphasizing skill and player improvement.

Most of the Putt Putt routes were 2-par holes involving ramps or angled blocks that could be mastered in one go through practice. By the late 50s almost all supply catalogs Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating Taylor Brothers' obstacles. Their first meeting was held in New York City. Though this organization only lasted a few years it was the first attempt to bring miniature golf operators together to promote miniature golf.

InLomma GolfInc. These hazards required both accurately aimed shots and split-second timing to avoid spinning windmill blades, revolving statuaryand other careening obstacles. The event had its inaugural celebration on May 12, Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating, and was officially recognized and published in 's edition of Chase's Calendar of Events. Minigolf has so far not reached wide popularity outside Europe and North America.

Minigolf remains one of the most popular outdoor games in Europe and America, but only as an occasional leisure activity, not as a competitive sport.

It organises World Championships for youth and elite players, and Continental Championships in Europe, Asia and the United States, held in alternate years. All competitions approved by World Minigolfsport Federation are played on standardized courses, whose design has been checked to be suitable for competitive play. The WMF currently approves four different course types:. The world record on one round of minigolf is 18 strokes on 18 holes. More than a thousand players have officially achieved this score on eternite.

On other playing systems a perfect round of 18 holes-in-one is extremely rare, and has never Que es calambre muscular yahoo dating scored in an official national or international tournament.

Unofficial rounds on concrete and felt courses have been reported in Sweden. In addition to classical outdoor miniature golf, indoor "glow in the dark" miniature golf has achieved some popularity, especially in colder climates like Canada [20] and Finland.

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