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Par hyajysau hyajysau le dimanche, mai 7 The look, feel, characters, and key missions of the original title are all here on the screen of your Android tablet or smartphone. The voice acting is as great as in the original.

You can auto-save in the cloud, make your own playlist with music on your device, and best of all, you can instantly retry failed missions, which saves you from those harrowing visits to the hospital.

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There are moments, especially during shootings, fist-fights, or urgent missions when you'll get your butt kicked or even be outright killed because of the controls.

The most annoying of the controls is the download gta vice city 5 for android analog stick, which doesn't always appear where you put your left thumb, as it's supposed to.

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Heats up your device: Playing this game for more than minutes heats up your device considerably and also drains your battery. Although overall the gaming experience is fairly smooth, now and then you have to put up with lag, freezes, and crashes. Vice City is a game for Grand Theft Auto lovers and for nostalgics.

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