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Falsely accused of sexual harassment at work uk london


December 19, 9: In what seemed a he said-she said case, his prospects were dicey. As it happened, the complainant was sitting on a cache of about 50, recorded messages Allan had lost his phone with copieswhich the police had examined, but not disclosed to the prosecution or the defence.

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Following two days of testimony, during which the phone calls were referenced, the prosecutor refused to continue until the defence had received and reviewed the messages. They were illuminating, as for example: Clearly the police knew those records rendered the charges unsustainable.

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Why were they withheld for so long? There are any number of bad reasons, including laziness, incompetence and bias, but no good ones. You can see a detailed review of this case and what it says about systemic flaws in the U. This scenario could easily have happened here. Electronic messaging history is not automatically requested by the police when a complainant files a charge, as we saw in the Jian Ghomeshi case where, fortunately, Ghomeshi had his own archived cache.

The feminist rubric is: Not today and not historically. Retired international lawyer and former U. Lynching in the 21st Century, of the thousands of cases of white women who — knowing the dire consequences — falsely accused black men of sexually inappropriate conduct.

Louise Hodges

Other tips may anger feminists, but also make inherent sense: Davis also counsels men to stay away from any woman who associates with radical feminist groups, as their members may encourage her to revisit consensual sex as rape this does happen. Preserve all communications, Davis advises, but especially electronic ones, noting that some carriers automatically delete messaging after days.

It is a sad commentary on our culture that such a book needed to be written, but the reality is that, apart from their immediate circles of family and friends, very few people, including law enforcement, care what happens to men falsely charged with sex crimes.