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Backdating porsche 993 rs


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This is proving to be a very difficult decision. I've driven an SC and aboth candidates as possible donor vehicle. Agricultural compared to the GT3 obviously but a lot of fun Backdating porsche 993 rs if done properly a backdate can look so damn sexy.

I'd do the engine up to give a bit of extra shove. I visited Paul Stephens the other day, there's a lot of cool stuff possible. But I don't know if Backdating porsche 993 rs novelty would wear off or not.

I reckon it would. Each to their own tho but I think you have to drive an actual car, if it was light enough and had the poke could be god fun. Porsche News Motoring Editor Joined: Norfolk and no I'm not using the as a tractor!

Mon Jun 25, If all those cars incl. I prefer the older cars but the words 'replica' and 'built to my spec' would be a concern for me. Also, what would its resale value be?

The GT3 is a wonderful car but probably not the for me, unless Backdating porsche 993 rs could have more than one The for me is one that I would enjoy in a different way to a GT3. Tue Jun 26, 6: As has been mentioned already, unless very heavily doctored ie an extra bhp you'd find it a bit gutless. And suffice to say that with the extra poke would come every performance upgrade under the sun. Stick with the 3' and have a play with that Tue Jun 26, 8: Cheers for the comments guys.

Regards budget, I would probably be spending a similar value to the GT3 which for a backdate would be quite a healthy budget I think, depending on what I aim for spec-wise. The difference is I would be spending this bit by bit over a period of time. Eg steps would be source a donor car, get the body and wheels backdated, then do the exhaust later, then interior, then engine and so on. I'd figure out what I wanted as time goes buy and as I get used to the car.

It'd be a rolling project.

Nick - it's the challenge of finding the extra poke that I think would be part of the fun! Remember this vid I posted last year - Open Youtube Page Not saying I'm going for that orange car exactly but it's definitely inspirational! However the suggestion of buying something already back dated along the lines of the actual car I'm thinking of building is a good one, something I hadn't thought of! I'll have a look around. There'll Backdating porsche 993 rs be a premium involved though and that's what I'd avoid by building my own?

I don't think I'm too worried about that. As with anything custom made suits, wardrobes I'm clutching at strawscars there's always a very limited market and the chances that someone else would want exactly what I've created would be very slim.

I'm going in with my eyes open, but it's not a major concern.

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