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Yoona and lee seung gi dating video about cats


By -quiescentJanuary 1, in shippers' paradise. I didn't know that Yoona is going to the same university Seunggi went to! As a man, even I find Lee Seunggi to be cool and to have a lot of sense. Yoona, be nice to your oppa, Seunggi. I guess this is from the episode? I think they are the Nation's Couple I used to think that too, just merely "wow Yoona was so pretty".

Wednesday, January 01, dispatch, lee...

But as time goes by, as a Sone in general I must give this girl my full respect. She's caring, sweet, cheerful and all but the best Yoona and lee seung gi dating video about cats is she knows her job, she understands what she has to do for the sake of the group and she gives her all to fulfill them despite the burden. One time she did a promotion event for the brand. According to the staff, after introducing herself and saying a few words, she got off the stage and suddenly ran back to the stage.

Pleas give us a lot of love". I don't remember exactly but basically that is. She felt guilty to the other members and even cried because of that. I can say this is how most of us fans feel but can't put in words exactly but this delivers the best. If you guys Airens have time, please read it to understand our Yoona. But you guys can try these I still recommend snsd sites though keke https: O So i started digging info about his gorgeous girlfriend Yoona like a proud mom and stumbled upon this clip, too cute it was like eons of years ago.

Thanks for all the recommendation guys! I'll definitely check them out. I officially love that How freakin appropriate and adorable at the same time! Also, don't remember if someone's already mentioned here, but I was in Daum today and 'Yoona's nephew' was trending.

The articles were speculating that Seung-gi was talking about yoona's nephew when he said he wanted to get something for his 'friend's nephew'. Twitter was totally exploding with 'ooohs' and 'awws' for his thoughtfulness.

But we can't be sure thats what he means though - although I personally think it is. Seunggi fans would know this. Excluding naming Yoona as ideal type he always liked older women.

He even gave age gap of ten years!

Anyways, in one of his interviews a few months ago he said younger girl is fine too because he can protect her in his arm. I'm sure this interview was conducted between September or November so he was talking about Yoona of course If I find the interview I'll post it here. Suddenly I remember this "grueling" interview Seunggi had in 1n2d HI YoonGi-ers, I have been lurking happily reading all the supportive messages in this thread.

Awesomeness that we have Sones, Airens, YoonAddicts and new fans gathered here for this couple. I'd love to see them interact and talk about their relationship on public, however, I kinda prefer them not to because I dont want knetizens to get sick of them quickly and also since its a private thing for just the two of them.

I rather minimal spotlight on their relationship and more on their career BUT most times I feel so torn cause of how badly i want to know how it started after 5 long years of public flirting and how they feel for each other etc etc.

I am kinda glad that Dispatch caught them dating and even more glad that both of them did not hesitate to confirm it. For LSG's case its like she's mine so back off. The Daebak-est news to be honest, I dont think anyone's dating news will be able to beat their daebak dating news in terms of how shocking it is, the spotlight and how positive the general public support. For those wanting to know Yoona more, I recommend watching the following: You will most likely start to learn about all 9 girls instead of just Yoona.

Because SNSD is known as the girl group that doesnt really care much about protecting their image 2. Anyways, so happy about the news of this couple! I can't wait to hear more news about the progress of their relationship. Note that Seung Gi Oppa's birthday is in two weeks! So I'm sure we'll have something to look forward to regarding our couple keke. Yes but for about the past for years, he has publicly named Yoona as his ideal woman - ever since Opp a finally got his woman!

Many male celebrities and non-celebs have named Yoona as their ideal type but Seung Gi Oppa is the only one whoever had loyalty for all these years and NOW dating. Someone made a good point on page Seung Gi oppa has to go to mandatory military service sooner or later "Yoona and lee seung gi dating video about cats," it's a good thing that the couple finally got together after all these years!!! You must be using Chrome. If anyone wants to know more about Yoona, just got to YouTube and type in her name.

SONEs have been making fanvids for years plus you'll find random clips from on up. SG is quite close with his hyungs - and there are so many of them lol. But the NoF crew were teasing him not knowing the public would've had information of the said girlfriend at the time of airing Also Yoona and lee seung gi dating video about cats wasI think lol.

Wednesday, January 01, dispatch, lee...

It's just that random links like aren't usually allowed in the thread. I think I'm beginning to really accept that he is already attached. So i started digging info about his gorgeous girlfriend Yoona like a proud mom and stumbled upon this clip, too cute it was like eons of years ago.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? By 0ly40 Started May By Jillia Started May By 0ly40 Started April By Yoona and lee seung gi dating video about cats Started July 3. Prev 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Next Page 20 of Posted January 4, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Netiz9n I think they are the Nation's Couple A lot of people have shared their views and opinions that sometimes it makes the entire topic itself redundant.

But then again, if we look beyond the surface, the issue of Yoong being the center of SNSD covers much depth that I believe we can talk about it forever but we will never be able to fathom its real impact on Yoona and the people surrounding her.

I will try to do away with enumerating all the pros and cons of her being the face since I believe Yoonadicts basically have a clear idea of what it feels. Instead, I will give a humble attempt to scratch beyond the surface of the usual good and bad things about it.

True, Taeyeon is the leader and a leader has to deal with managing the members. I salute Taengoo for being able to do that.

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Even if she claims that the members do not really need her watching over them since they are responsible enough, I still believe that she plays a pivotal role of being the backbone of the group.

The last remaining strand of the whole SNSD tapestry. Taeyeon, as the leader, has to be consistently strong; for as a leader, everything about SNSD will reflect on her. In as much as our kid leader has this heavy responsibility, I think every SONE or any SNSD-member fan should at least give due respect to Yoona for the responsibility that she is holding.

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The nine girls are there; the camera follows. They attend some variety show; three or four members are present. Who ends up having more time when the show airs? Because of this, people have this tendency to blame the girl for what Yoona and lee seung gi dating video about cats happening.

This is her responsibility. Nevertheless, I pose these questions. Had it ever occur to such people how this kind of treatment actually affects Yoona? Had they ever wondered how she might feel with the camera constantly shoved on her face? Had it ever cross their mind that this is the heaviest responsibility to be ever given to a person? Yoona, being the face, the center, the one who the world revolves around to, brings the name SNSD.

One wrong move for her and the entire group gets the blame. You see how the mechanics work? For the leader, when the group, holistically, does something negative, she has to live up with being called a bad leader unless she does something right.

It took me quite a long time to understand this but to stress my point, I will use an analogy here. Have you observed why much respect is given to the men who stand in the frontline during the time for battle? Because they are the one who gets the lashes first. They have to be brave AND they have to be strong. And this is where my respect for Yoona comes in. As part of her job, she has to constantly check herself. Wednesday, January 01, dispatch, lee seung gi, yoona comments Article: Lee Seung Gi's reps "Admits to dating Yoona has been dating for four.

@-quiescent thank you so much for compiling Seunggi-Yoona moments, Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video Yoona and lee seung gi dating video about cats available. I wonder how he felt when Sooyoung started dating as well. .

taecyeon is very close to yoona too. he even gave okcat (the green cat toy which. January, Archived from Daeyoung High School in Japan,Lee Seunggi come second.

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