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Homosexuality video games


Queer-friendly video games can be a hard thing to quantify over the course of nearly 40 years, multiple genres, and fantasy stories where sex and gender might not work exactly the same as they do here on earth in Here are 15 games from across the Homosexuality video games, ranked. There are many more both mainstream and independent games with queer themes and characters, but this sampling has gotten the attention of the gaymer community.

This point-and-click tongue-in-cheek Homosexuality video games is blatant in both its title and the stereotypical cartoon animation. Pecs, abs, and other chiseled muscles pervade the futuristic landscape, and you can even unlock a mode where the boys are all presented in undies.

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From a premier name in erotic gaming, Robert Yang's most recent work, The Tearoomis a historically and politically charged public bathroom sex simulator about anxiety, police, and what clandestine meetings such as this mean to gay men. Other prominent works of Yang's include: Succulentwherein the only gameplay is a man sucking on a popsicle with hip-hop go-go boys dancing behind; and Hurt Me Plentya short motion-control game exploring Homosexuality video games and other light BDSM.

But Yang isn't the only one exploring these themes. Christine Love's Ladykiller in a Bind also aims to, with its plethora of characters across a spectrum of genders and sexualities, teach about kink and consent. This game about the zombie apocalypse features several queer characters. Burley Bill, who is a sometimes ally to the "Homosexuality video games" characters Joel and Ellie, had a male partner, Frank, who dies during the introduction.

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He later finds a note from Frank saying that he no longer loves Bill anymore, but that in no way negates their previous relationship. It is also revealed in the main story's prequel that Ellie had a relationship with another girl, Riley, when they Homosexuality video games an on-screen kiss.

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