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Glenbrook blue mountains


This is a short walk to a spectacular view.

Glenbrook is a suburb of...

The walks Glenbrook blue mountains with a pleasant drive along the dirt roads through the lower Blue Mountains. From the car park, the walk follows a short footpath to the fenced raised timber viewing platform. The lookout is accessible by people in wheelchairs. This short and enjoyable walk visits a classic lower Blue Mountains view. A great short walk if you are in the area or are passing through the Lower Blue Mountains. This short, pleasant walk takes you down to a naturally formed water hole, somewhat in the shape of a jelly bean.

The picturesque swimming hole near Glenbrook is popular among locals. The track is well-defined and has staircases in steeper sections. The area can be particularly dangerous after rain, check with the rangers before venturing down. The start of this walk is found in the car park, by turning left about m after passing the toll gate at the "Glenbrook blue mountains" entrance to the park.

Challenging Glenbrook Gorge track offers...

This short walk follows a fairly faint track down into the Machins Crater. The crater was created about million years ago by a volcanic explosion. Today the hole is a very lush environment with a steep sided valley, and an old dam wall.

An enjoyable short walk. Tunnel View Lookout walk is a short walk along a well-maintained management trail. At the end of the wide trail is a short narrow track leading to a large mostly flat rock platform with great views. This short, pleasant walk, starts close to the Glenbrook entrance of the Blue Mountains National Park. The walk follows a staircase and track down to Blue Pool.

The blue colouring of the water can vary in intensity, depending on water and weather conditions. A popular swimming hole, this creek is particularly dangerous after rain, take care when swimming. This short walk enjoys sculptured sandstone rocks, grass trees, wildflowers and great views of Erskine Gorge. The walk starts from the car park at the end of Nepean Lookout fire trail and heads past some information signs before coming to this unfenced informal lookout on the Jack Evans track.

This short walk to Lapstone Lookout is easily accessed from Lapstone train station. So Glenbrook blue mountains time you miss your train, take the short walk down to the lookout and view the Nepean River and surrounding lands. Lapstone Lookout is a great place to pass some time while enjoying a view. Red Hands Cave is a small sandstone overhang cave that showcases a number of very clear hand stencillings.

The site is protected with an obtrusive cage to keep would-be vandals out. There are a number of signs explaining the history and some artifacts found in the area. The walk Glenbrook blue mountains enjoyable and seems to take less time than the drive around. If you are reasonably fit, consider the walk to the same cave, starting from the causeway. This walk visits the Jellybean Pools, a popular swimming hole and lovely area in Glenbrook Gorge.

Starting at the Glenbrook entrance to the Blue Mountains National Park, the walk follows a well maintained track down the hill, crossing a road a couple of times to come to the Jellybean Pool. The river can be particularly dangerous after rain, so if in doubt check with the rangers. A great place to cool off on hot days. This walk is along the old road, which is now a management trail, making navigation easy. The walk brings you to the top of the Nepean Gorge escarpment, with great views up and down the gorge.

This is a short walk after a fairly long drive, but if you are in the area, it is well worth getting the car dirty. The lookout is not fenced. Although the train tunnel is closed to the public, this short walk does give you a Glenbrook blue mountains of the eastern bricked up entrance of the tunnel. The first half of the walk follows the sandstone cuttings where the train once went.

For the second half of the walk to the tunnel, you walk on the Northern side of the cutting, giving you a view into the man-made gully. Starting at the signposted car park, this walk mostly follows an old management trail through the She Oak forest. The walk then brings you to a rock platform on a high cliff top, with fantastic views right up the middle of Erskine Creek gorge. There are also views up Lincoln Creek and further down Erskine Creek.

This walk Glenbrook blue mountains from the Glenbrook information centre, just inside the national park and Glenbrook blue mountains a well defined track down to the Glenbrook Creek and the gorge.

The walk is popular with locals looking for a place to swim. The gorge is particularly dangerous after rain, so appropriate care should be taken. The creek, water holes and the high cliffs make this unique place a Glenbrook blue mountains place to visit. This walk is more about history than the bush, but it still gives great views. The walk explores a small section of the old Lapstone Zig Zag railway not to be confused with the more famous Lithgow Zig Zag railway.

You will walk where the tracks once stood, through sandstone cuttings, passing an old train station, to the famous Knapsack Viaduct bridge. This walk visits Attic Cave, a camping cave in the lower Blue Mountains. The cave is large enough to sleep a small party, providing a great shelter to rest. The walk first visits Pisgah Rock, by walking along an old management trail, and includes a very short side trip to the great view Glenbrook blue mountains Erskine Creek.

From Pisgah rock the track becomes much less distinct, and involves a rock scramble down a gully. This enjoyable walk leads to the beautiful feature that is Blue Pool.

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