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Matchmaking tera


The Instance Matching tool is a function that can be used to queue your character in a selected dungeon.

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To access the instance matching tool, a button under the compass will lead you to it. The instance matching menu. Currently only Matchmaking tera dungeons are available to this character.

After confirming "Matchmaking tera" selected dungeons you wished to be queued in, the instance matching tool will find the best fit. A party will consist of one Defensethree Offenseand one Support.

After the tool finds a full party to match, a prompt will show up giving you the option to teleport to the dungeon entrance. It is also interesting to note that the instance matching tool will search for players from all the servers.

The Instance Matching tool is...

Some dungeons will have a wide range of character levels available for matching. Keep in mind that if there's a more than five-level spread across all characters, the quality of loot will significantly drop. At the top of the instance matching menu, there are three icons. Clicking on an image Matchmaking tera switch your character's current roles.

Some classes are locked Matchmaking tera at one role, while other classes are able to select roles. As of patch Sign In Don't have an account?

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Instance Matching Menu Edit The instance matching menu. The first screen the player will encounter is the instance matching menu.

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Here, a player can see what dungeons a character is eligible based on Matchmaking tera level and gear. You must meet the minimum level and gear restrictions to be matched with a party. Role Selection Edit At the top of the instance matching menu, there are three icons. Lancer Matchmaking tera, Warrior Offense: MysticPriest Rewards Edit As of patch Earned if you join midway through an instance run.

Includes valuable such as arunic panaceas, charms, elixirs, safe haven scrolls, and scrolls of resurrection.

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Earned if you complete the instance. Includes arunic panaceas, safe haven scrolls, charms, and various crystals. Only one type of reward is Matchmaking tera. The quality Matchmaking tera on the level of the dungeon; higher-level dungeons will have better rewards. It is possible to receive both boxes in the same instance run. Retrieved from " http: That the matchmaking is terrible is nothing new.