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Mike wallace homosexuals 1967


Decades after the airing of an antigay documentary that shocked the nation, one man tells his story. But The Homosexuals is not without virtue. Wallace interviews Warren Adkins, an untroubled year-old homosexual who capably breaks the s gay stereotype with an attitude of positive self-reflection.

Ina couple of years before he died, I interviewed Jack from his home in Florida about his appearance on The Homosexualshis co-founding of the Mattachine Society, an early gay rights organization, and his friendships with Randy Wicker, another prominent gay activist, and Frank Kameny, who petitioned the Supreme Court in after he was fired from his government job for being a homosexual.

Tell me a Mike wallace homosexuals 1967 about your family.

My mother has been a great friend to me all my life. She has never once said anything negative about my being gay to me.

How did you come to know Frank Kameny? I visited him on Columbia Road, right below 18th Street, when he was still living in great poverty, eating hot dogs and a potato each day. He had a bathtub, it was in the living room…it was not a nice place, frankly.

"The Homosexuals": Mike Wallace's controversial...

We became close friends then, and the very first thing that we ever did [before co-founding the Mattachine Society] was to go to all the various newsstands in downtown Washington, D. They carried it down at 14th Street and Pennsylvania [at] a big newsstand there, right next to a Peoples Drug store.

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Later when we published with the Mattachine Society of Washington, when Mike wallace homosexuals 1967 published our The Homosexual Citizenwhich was a little mimeographed publication, we were able to put it there, too. And it was the following year when you and Frank established the Mattachine Society of Washington, D.

And I did initiate the first picket in front of the White House [in ]… The other one that Randy did in the year before was really done by a straight organization, mainly, called the Sexual Freedom League.

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