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Sexually harassed at work india


It not only undermines the confidence of women to work freely, but also leads to a corresponding negative impact on the performance and reputation of the organization. We also suggest common practices that human resource HR managers can undertake to ensure dignified and equitable work environment for women employees in their company.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act, the Act prescribes a system for investigating and redressing complaints against sexual harassment of women at the workplace.

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It also provides safeguards against false or malicious charges. The major provisions of the Act lay down the following responsibilities for employers, to ensure a safe working environment for women:.

It includes unwelcome sexually Sexually harassed at work india behavior that compromises physical, emotional or financial safety and security of a woman worker. Here, it must be noted that with respect to domestic workers, the Act considers even a house as a workplace. Section 26 of the Act prescribes penalties for non-compliance and includes a monetary fine of up to Rs. The penalty may extend to Rs 2. To tackle the problem of sexual harassment at workplace, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, through a notification dated July 31,amended the Companies Accounts Rules Furthermore, the Act places responsibility on the appropriate state government to notify the district officer for setting up a Local Complaints Committee LCC.

State governments are expected to monitor the implementation of the Act; the LCC is required to investigate complaints received from employees in cases where an ICC has not been constituted by the employer or the complaint is against the employer.

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