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Transsexual transylvania tumblr background


Sorry for the delay responding, we were digging to be sure.

Transsexual Transylvania - RHPS ....

Think of this as a little 40th birthday present. My absolute favorite, and quite rare, photo from the original London production of The Rocky Horror Show. This picture was a gift to me and I cherish it.

Transsexual Transylvania. .. true to...

There were assorted promotional goods that followed the popularity of the original London Cast of Rocky Horror Show. This version was sung by Belinda Sinclair, also featured on the Original London Cast vinyl and soundtrack. Belinda replaced Julie Covington due to injury.

This was a one-off song. When we Transsexual transylvania tumblr background a short lovely man in a black suit with a happy face takes our coats and gives us tea and cookies.

Sweet Transvestite from transsexual Transylvania....

Belinda welcomes everyone in and puts us at ease with her charm. We are in good hands. There is me, who met Belinda a year before through my friend Jane.

I have brought a friend, Jeri, who I know through work and with two hot tickets in my hand I thought who would love this and then I thought Jeri.

His name is Harvey. And they are celebrating his birthday. They have been married for 23 years. Their faces are incredibly warm and open. There is a couple in their late twenties.

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From the Bronx, he later tells us. And when he says it, he swallows the words as if he is ashamed. He is bulky with very short cropped hair and olive skin, almost green.

He seems comfortable with this potentially awkward situation. She wears a soft white beret canted to the side cooly and her eye brows are painted on.

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