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Winnipeg lawyers free consultation

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Callers are also referred to appropriate law-related agencies, where such an agency exists and the situation warrants it.

Because of the high volume of calls, calls will be returned in the order they are received.

Pollock & Company Lawyers -...

We are not a drop-in service! We have two Winnipeg lines and a provincial toll-free line.

During office hours, you will be asked to leave a brief message on voicemail. Please provide the following information: It is designed to help people Winnipeg lawyers free consultation a lawyer when they do not know any lawyers, or when they are looking for a lawyer who is prepared to help them in a particular area of the law.

Lawyers who register with the service can specify up to 3 different areas of practice. Although all the lawyers participating in the Lawyer Referral Service are qualified to practice law, neither Community Legal Education Association nor the Law Society of Manitoba represent to clients that lawyers who take part in the service are specialists in any particular legal subject.

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