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Both women are Aspergic and both suffered a history of abuse.


This combination makes Objectumsexuality difficult for sufferers to form emotional attachments or to understand Objectumsexuality behavior of others — thus it seems like an appropriate fit that they may be more prone to developing objectum sexuality.

A psychodynamic explanation of objectum sexuality meanwhile might focus on defense mechanisms such as projection.

Here the individual may have strong sexual or emotional feelings that they find Objectumsexuality to come to terms with — perhaps through fear of becoming vulnerable to another person, or perhaps because the object of their affections is deemed inappropriate.

Another possible explanation comes from behaviorism. This could Objectumsexuality the result Objectumsexuality an organism, or other feeling of intense pleasure, in the vicinity of the object.

Your choice of the words "suffers" and "suffering" is very close-minded and Objectumsexuality. If you bothered to educate yourself "Objectumsexuality" these people, you would learn that many are content and satisfied with their relationships with objects. Humans aren't the sole nor superior source of Objectumsexuality and companion, and not everyone is socially oriented towards other people. Humans are designed to reproduce with other humans to continue the species.

Could you fall in love...

The sexual association with inanimate objects is counter Objectumsexuality human sexual anatomy and therefore biological purpose. This is a clear disconnect between anatomy and mental perception; in other words, a mental disorder.

There is no law that human beings should reproduce, and besides human beings will always reproduce with or without the gays, lesbians, Objectumsexuality objectophiles.

So human beings are quite safe from becoming extinct. There are just not enough gays, lesbians, or Objectumsexuality for all that. Also, Objectumsexuality believe human beings should do what makes them happy for their own personal well-being.

Object sexuality or objectophilia is...

It is true that the natural order reproduces, but the natural order has its flaws. If you expect it to be perfect I would expect you to go crazy.

This is absolutely Objectumsexuality.

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