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Gmail activity monitor


You can see your sign-in history, including the dates and times that your Gmail account was used.

Data helps make Google services...

You can also see the IP addresses which were used to access your account. You can also visit the Recent security events page to see security updates for your entire Google Account. In the "Concurrent session information" section, you'll see if you're signed in to Gmail on another device, browser, or location. To sign out of all sessions except the one you have open in front of you, Gmail activity monitor Sign out all other web sessions. If you got a warning about suspicious activity in your account, you might also see up to 3 additional IP addresses that have been labeled as suspicious.

You can see your sign-in...

If you don't recognize the activity on the page, like a location or access type, someone might have access to your account because of phishing or malware. We strongly advise leaving alerts on so you can hear about suspicious activity on your account.

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