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I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 in May You can also listen to me on the Savage Lovecast with Dan Savage. Read the transcript here. I cover all the basics in this post: My characters care about safe sex because I have to.

What happened after I told the Internet I had herpes. This is how everyone I knew reacted to me going public, from my parents Herpes blog sites my exes. The conversation that never happened: On herpes and abusive relationships. How I got diagnosed. We need Herpes blog sites talk about emotional abuse and STIs.

How I lost my post-herpes virginity. Having sex after getting diagnosed for the first time is scary!

Our director gives her personal...

This is how it went for me. Herpes two years later: On sex without condoms.

A surprising number of people...

This essay is about why and how. To the teenage girls who have herpes. A rant we all need to make Herpes blog sites time to time. Stop asking me this question.

Send this to anyone who is rude to you. The badass women of TED. A lesson in herpes stigma, via Facebook comments. Sometimes you gotta talk back to the trolls. TIME Magazine ruined herpes journalism.

My site editor Gabe Rosenberg and I read that cover story about herpes and it was goddamn awful. Please, please, please stop publishing Herpes blog sites about how you finally found someone who would love you despite your herpes diagnosis. There are other ways to heal, and there are better ways to challenge stigma.

Because seriously, can we stop telling the same tear-jerking bullshit inspirational story? Headlines on the herpes WHO report: The World Health Organization discovered 2 out of 3 people have herpes.

The Internet lost its mind. Why we need clicky, accessible herpes writing too. Some thoughts on writing about herpes for a mainstream audience, including poppy listicles. Thanks so much for writing about Herpes and spreading actually helpful and accurate information!!

Find out what it's like...

I started out on Valtrex 1GM once daily, twice for recurrences due to having 3 outbreaks within the first month. Now, 5 months later, I am on my Herpes blog sites outbreak, just switched to Zovirax MG- twice daily. But this most recent outbreak, with my best educated guess, has been lingering for close to weeks now.

As well as simply being able to tell if I am having one or not. Did anyone else have this many problems at the beginning?? I was officially diagnosed last year.

I remember my first OB and going to get Herpes blog sites at by some apparently incompetent people at planned parenthood. I had several OB after that and then it spaced out…however last year I got the flu then pneumonia which in turn gave me the worst OB of all time! My first OB was nothing compared to this one but when your immune system is down OBs happen. I feel like after I found out for sure I spent so much time worrying about it and stressing over it that I kept getting them.

When I finally started to let go of the worry and stress they became more sparse and I was able to start distinguishing the prodomal symptoms before the outbreak which for me is quite unpleasant…kinda feels like someone kicked me in my vagina and the pain keeps lingering.

I was diagnosed with genital...

Even without many outbreaks it is something always prevalent on your mind and can take over. Much has to do with stress and your overall physical health "Herpes blog sites," like so many of us…own you and Herpes blog sites life! Take control and regardless I promise you that you will feel better for it. Because you are great!!! I searched the topic because I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. Sometimes it seems like I can stop it by getting an early night, eat better, de-stress and find the Zovirax.

The diagnosis meant I could no longer be carefree with my sexual health. Whilst I was going through an extended phase of not caring about myself or even how long I remained on this plane of existence, HSV-2 brought home to me that shit does happen, and that it could have been worse. It took a while to believe that anyone would ever want me again. Some went well, others not so. Memories of those rejections still sting if I dwell on them, but I know I did the right thing.

I choose to focus on that and the acceptance I received more often than not. This almost makes me sound like Don Juan!!

The year-old manages a blog...

It was rather unusual. Not one to tell the grandkids though! Herpes blog sites was not and still am not brave enough to stand up and say it as it is, in the face of misinformation, prejudice and downright ignorance. Chris…definitely rehomes us and yeah…deal with it. Forces us into healthier choices, not always a bad thing!!! Thinking in the long run it honestly could have saved Herpes blog sites lives. Basically screw it, learn from it, and lets move on to the next adventure!!!

I came across your YouTube video today and just had to have a cry. This is what I needed to hear when I was diagnosed October 13 Nearly 2 years ago. My partner apologized to me, but refused to let me bring it up again.

Because it made HIM feel bad. I had confided in my parents and one of my best friends, but no one knew how to help or what to say. I stayed with that partner until 3 months ago because I felt untouchable by anyone else. Educate yourself and like Ella said…we are worth it! Hey Ella, first of all, thanks a lot for all the crucial information you posted on your blog, it helped me big time. I just love both of them! And if you would say in moderation, what would Herpes blog sites consider it to be?

Have you had an outbreak because of drinking a little too much of both? I was hoping you could help me. Would you be willing to talk to us?

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