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Saying no to a girl


A woman gets completely shattered when a guy says her No. She cannot face the moment and the days that follow after the man she likes rejects her "Saying no to a girl." Women are very emotional and can easily get hurt. Men on the other side are strong and take the No a little lighter. If a woman expresses her feelings and takes the initiative towards you, you need to handle it with care. This is because, seldom women take an initiative and if the effort goes in vain, she will be shattered.

Moreover, hurting the feelings of a woman is something no man would desire for. So, if a woman has expressed her feelings for you and you do not feel the same for her, then here are some simple and smart ways to say No to a girl without hurting her.

As asking someone out is a daunting prospects in the world.

So, you need to handle the situation with utmost care. Try these simple ways to say No to a girl without hurting her. Most importantly, you need to be polite and not rough.

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Over-reacting or acting smart will spoil the moment and definitely hurt her. So, even if you do not like her, make sure you do not disrespect her and her approach.

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