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Thu Jun 30, 3: All of these things are hollow promises. What you have is a media storm around immigration, but lets not be backward thinking, lets focus on some big numbers, the UK population is expected to rise by 10, people in the next ten years. That's not immigrants, that's a population boom.

So lets focus on immigration, when the real problem for America would be an emerging European tech scene, capable of taking on silicon valley. London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris all Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction potential to be big players and while everyone is here arguing among themselves about the past, the future was not as important as the past and casting up the old war anger.

This is why we never hear the end of Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction, just to keep it fresh in our minds, because the establishment don't want anyone to forget.

The EU knocked back the trade deals and now via the US, we've managed to disenfranchise ourselves from the rest of Europe. We are a laughing stock. Now i'm looking at Britain First directing it's attention to Scotland.

Political chaos and economic problems...

They are off up the Brecon Beacons on "training exercises" and nobody bats an eyelid. Scotland seems to be eyeing up Independence, with it's own currency and you can imagine England being forced back into the Eurozone, with one slight difference - England moving to the Euro.

It's a Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction to look forward, stuck in the past. People never been to a war zone slagging off Millenials and comparing them to the guys who went to fight in WW1, etc. It's thinking like this that fails to consider the effects on services, and how other tech firms in Europe can develop better service design, notably because service design comes from product design thinking, the centre for which would have been places like the Bauhaus.

So lets talk about services, how many tech companies hire folks from abroad?

Having to tap into a talent pool of UK talent will not in any way shape or form, be competitive enough and all that talent will now surely be looking to move away.

The Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction in the UK are a problem, but they are not caused by immigrants, they are caused by sayadded to the population last year. So when UKIP say the thing about Scotland being a Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction percentage of the overall population, it would be wise to remind them that that is the problem, not of immigration, but a population boom in England.

Thu Jun 30, 5: Actually the first one of those is the same point as the third one Main reason I came across was destruction wrought on livelihoods - particularly those of black minority ethnic workers who've spent 40 years or more carving out a life for themselves in Britain.

They see EU as anti black, anti commonwealth.

No based on that poll the issues can be shortened to sovereignty UK control of immigration opposition to 'ever closer union' and the European superstate. Thu Jun 30, 9: Checkmate in 2 generations.

but this sense of angry...

The brexit referendum has brought the prevailing mindset of the millenial generation into sharp focus for many people. A generation that has been raised to believe that big brother is a reality TV show has largely voted for the 'remain' camp which was funded by the likes of goldman sachs.

The brainwashing of the frankfurt school and political correctness is now coming into full fruition with the millenial generation My concern is that the 'progressive left' ie the authoritarian, corporate-fascist, state-socialists have managed to convince the younger generation that they hold the moral high ground.

They seem to have fallen for the schtick that the EU is about building a brighter more 'liberal' future when in fact it is about enslaving everyone under a technocratic police state and if you disagree with their views you are an ignorant 'racist' and should be 'no-platformed' The true left needs to win back the moral high ground by pointing out to the young that the aim has always been to empower the Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction not the corporate-fascist state, but at the moment the millenials seem to think the 'left' is corporate fascism and worst of all they seem to think that it is their friend By the time they learn this is incorrect it will be difficult to reverse the situation.

This will only require two or three more such brainwashed generations and there won't even be any call for referendums to challenge corporate power "Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction" alone anyone able to win one Some people are trying to fight this war through 'facts' but if we don't win the moral struggle over the hearts as well as the minds of the young then they will continue to be manipulated by the emotive but missleading narratives of the controlled education system and corporate media and their state-socialist sponsors.

Mon Jul 04, 2: Media reaction to the Brexit vote falls into two general categories: Virtually every reaction that falls into the former category emphasizes the profound failures of Western establishment factions; these institutions have spawned pervasive misery and inequality, only to spew condescending scorn at their victims when they object.

The alienation of the people charged with documenting the national mood from the people who actually define it is one of the ruptures that has led to this moment.

Though there were some exceptions, establishment political and media elites in the U. That has happened time and again.

As their fundamental failures become more evident to all, these elites have lost credibility, influence, and the ability to dictate outcomes. Just last year in the U. The enthusiastic and sustained rallying, especially by young voters, against beloved-by-the-establishment Hillary Clinton in favor of a year-old socialist taken seriously by almost no D.

Elite denunciations of the right-wing parties of Europe fall on deaf ears. The frenetic pace of online media makes even the most recent events feel distant, like ancient history.

That, in turn, makes it easy to lose sight of how many catastrophic and devastating failures Western elites have produced in a remarkably short period of time. Even now, Western elites continue to proselytize markets Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction impose free trade and globalization without the slightest concern for the vast inequality and destruction of economic security those policies generate.

InNATO bombed Libya by pretending it was motivated by humanitarianism, only to ignore that country once the fun military triumph was celebrated, thus leaving a vacuum of anarchy and militia rule for years that spread instability through the region and fueled the refugee crisis.

Western societies continue to divert massive resources into military weaponry and prisons for their citizens, enriching the most powerful factions in the process, all while imposing harsh austerity on already Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction masses. In sum, Western elites thrive while everyone else loses hope.

These are not random, isolated mistakes. Why should institutions that have repeatedly authored such travesties, and spread such misery, continue to command respect and credibility? We are in the midst of a broad and devastating crisis of authority.

All sorts of demagogues and extremists will try to redirect mass anger for their own ends. Revolts against corrupt elite institutions can usher in reform and progress, but they can also create a space for the ugliest tribal impulses: One sees all of that, both good and bad, manifesting in the anti-establishment movements throughout the U.

All of this can be invigorating, or promising, or destabilizing, or dangerous: The solution is not to subserviently cling to corrupt elite institutions out of fear of the alternatives. It is, instead, to help bury those institutions and their elite mavens and then fight for superior replacements.

One that marshals insurrectionist sentiment without succumbing to nihilism and manic, paranoid distrust. But at some point, they themselves, and their prevailing order, become so destructive, so deceitful, so toxic, that their victims are willing to gamble that the alternatives will not be worse, or at least, they decide to embrace the satisfaction of spitting in the faces of those who have displayed nothing but contempt and condescension for them.

The easiest course to achieve that goal is simply to demonize those with little power, wealth, or possibility as stupid and racist: This is only happening because they are primitive and ignorant and hateful, not because they have any legitimate grievances or because I or my friends or my elite institutions have done anything wrong. Because that reaction is so self-protective and self-glorifying, many U. They are Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction persuaded of their own natural superiority that any factions who refuse to see it and submit to it prove themselves, by definition, to be regressive, stunted, and amoral.

Media elites, by virtue of their position, adore the status quo.

It rewards them, vests them with prestige and position, welcomes them into exclusive circles, allows them to be close to if not wield great power while traveling their country and the world, provides them with a platform, and fills them with esteem and purpose. The same is true of academic elites, financial elites, and political elites. Elites love the status quo that has given them, and then protected, their elite position.

While they express some piecemeal criticisms of each, they literally cannot comprehend how anyone would be fundamentally disillusioned by and angry with these institutions, let alone want to break from them. They are far removed from the suffering that causes those anti-establishment sentiments. These people are not motivated by any legitimate grievances or economic suffering, but instead they are just broken, ungrateful, immoral, hateful, racist, and ignorant.

Of course, it is the case that some, perhaps much of the support given to these anti-establishment movements is grounded in those sorts of ugly sentiments.

As Hayes, in a widely cited tweet, put it this week about Brexit: But that Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction exactly the choice presented not only by Brexit but also Western elections generally, including the Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction v.

Sexual dysfunction in marriage: What...

When democracy is preserved only in form, structured to change little to nothing about power distribution, people naturally seek alternatives for the redress of their grievances, particularly when they suffer. The opposite is true: The former fuels the latter, as sustained economic misery makes people more receptive to tribalistic scapegoating. Claiming that supporters of Brexit or Trump or Corbyn or Sanders or anti-establishment European parties on the left and right are motivated only by hatred but not genuine economic suffering and political oppression is a transparent tactic for exonerating status quo institutions and evading responsibility for doing anything about their core corruption.

Part of this spiteful media reaction to Brexit is grounded in a dreary combination of sloth and habit: A sizable portion of the establishment liberal commentariat in the West has completely lost the ability to engage with any Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction of dissent from its orthodoxies or even understand those who disagree. Like the people of the West who bomb Muslim countries and then express confusion that anyone wants to attack them back, the most simple-minded of these establishment media liberals are constantly enraged that the people they endlessly malign as ignorant haters refuse to vest them with the respect and credibility to which they are naturally entitled.

Establishment journalistic outlets are not outsiders. They are fully integrated into elite institutions, are tools of those institutions, and thus identify fully with them.

Of course they do not share, and cannot understand, anti-establishment sentiments: They are the targets of this establishment-hating revolt as much as anyone else. Part of it is that the internet and social media have rendered them irrelevant, unnecessary to disseminate ideas.

But a major factor is that many people recognize that establishment journalists are an integral part of the very institutions and corrupted elite circles that are authors of their plight. Rather than mediating or informing these political conflicts, journalists are agents of the forces that are oppressing people.

But that would require that elites and their media outlets react to the shock of this repudiation by spending some time reflecting on their own flaws, analyzing what they have done to contribute to such mass outrage and deprivation, in order to engage in course correction. Exactly the same potential opportunity was Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction by the Iraq debacle, the financial crisis, the rise of Trumpism and other anti-establishment movements: This is all compelling evidence that things have gone very wrong with those who wield the greatest power, that self-critique in elite Lopo champalimaud wife sexual dysfunction is more vital than anything.

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