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Wing girl dating tips pdf free


Its focus is making sure you get the right girl. Kim explains how a guy can become more desirable to women through building his own confidence and strengthening his own character.

She also provides insights into what women are looking for so a guy will be able to effectively navigate the dating scene. The end result is a guy will knows how to find and keep the kind of woman who is able to bring out the best in him.

When looking for a guy women pay attention to both his personality and how he treats her.

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And while different girls are attracted to different personality types, when it comes to how women want to be treated by the men they date Kim argues that all women want the same thing. They are all looking for a guy who will treat them with respectconsiderationand integrity. Respect and consideration are pretty self-explanatory.

Basically, just treat her like the amazing girl she is. But be careful — some guys take this to mean they need to obsess over every little thing and constantly show her how much they respect her. They want a guy who Wing girl dating tips pdf free has his own shit to focus on and his own life to live. As for integrity, this basically means that women want a guy who is true to his word.

Women hate when a guy is wishy-washy, always changes his mind, and is willing to compromise his beliefs in order to appease others. By staying true to yourself and your beliefs she can at least feel secure in knowing she can trust you. Throughout the book Kim brings up some common mistakes guys make with women.

One thing that guys can avoid that will dramatically improve their relationships with women is how to handle a girl when she starts acting irrationally.

You just have to let it play out. It sucks, but any other approach is only going to make it worse. Every girl is attracted to it, so every guy should work to cultivate and embody it. That quality is leadership. Put simply leadership is the ability to influence others. Rather, real leadership is about psychological strength and cooperation. In addition to influencing others there are certain characteristics great leaders have.

Below are just five of the leadership characteristics Kim mentioned. By showing these features women will see that you have what it takes to be a leader. So instead "Wing girl dating tips pdf free" looking to meet your next girlfriend at 1am over shots of Vodka amongst a sea of drunks, Kim suggests looking elsewhere.

The place you go to meet women should fit two criteria. First off, look to meet women at places and environments where you feel comfortable. Secondly look to meet women somewhere where there is an activity going on. If you like to spend time at a park, museum, sporting event, or classes of any kind, use these as opportunities to meet women with similar interests.

You never know when she might change her mind. Or she may simply not know how she feels about you. In either situation there are two things that can help you: She needs more time to sort out her feelings to figure what she thinks of you. Remember this is about finding the right girl for you.

Finding the right girl means focusing your time on getting to know different woman. Pay attention to how she treats and interacts with others. Learn her thoughts on subjects that matter to you.

Key Points

And while she stresses that not all dates — especially the first one —need to be filled with romance, she does offer some helpful advice on what a girl is looking for in a date.

For starters, when asking a girl out, be clear and direct. You want her to know exactly what your intent is. Lots of times guys will ask "Wing girl dating tips pdf free" girl out on a date as a way to gauge Wing girl dating tips pdf free interested she is in him.

The ideal time to ask a girl out however, is when you already know she wants to be asked out. Taking things slow with a girl — getting on friendly terms and allowing her to build trust in you before asking her out — can often be a great foundation to form a strong and lasting relationship.

Take a step back and slow down. You can gauge her interest in kissing you by standing close to her and looking into her eyes without talking. If she looks back and holds your gaze, go for it. A lot of guys will look to rush into bed with the girl as quickly as possible.

She might be emotionally unstable, super clingy, or just bat-shit crazy.