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Same sex friends with benefits


We're not proud of it, but we were lurking the Craigslist personals recently Er, for a friend. And during Same sex friends with benefits internet spelunking, we noticed a very interesting trend. In the 'Women Seeking Women' section um I am very straight girl, I love men all the way.

But sometimes a girl has needs and because I don't sleep around I would love to gain a good friend around my area to go out have fun outdoors talk about boys and then sometimes if we have needs we can have fun with eachother!

I'm married, but looking for someone i can relate to talk to I've been living in Denver for 3 years in December and I underestimated how hard it is to make friends as an adult I'm looking for a friend that I can go get our nails done but also have mess around for fun and curiosity.

More and more these days, girls who identify as straight, and even mention their boyfriends or husbands in personal ads, are looking for casual lesbian sex. For many women, a GWB situation is about more than experimenting, feminism or simply giving up on dick.

These Same sex friends with benefits flexible babes know exactly what they want: That either manifests itself as a GWB scenario or some side-ass they get outside the confines of their straight relationship.

She researches gender and sexuality in mass media as a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Communication.

In a study she conducted, she professionally lurked the 'Women Seeking Women' realm of Craigslist in 10 U. After analyzing hundreds upon hundreds of personal ads, she estimated that, over the course of a year, there are hundreds of thousands of sex-soliciting ads posted online from ladies who "self-identify as straight, who want relationships with guys, but also enjoy Same sex friends with benefits woman's body and affection here and there.

Reynolds said that when straight girls look online for casual gay sex, they retain their "stereotypically heterosexual" identities. That is, they tend to reference the men in their lives to make it clear they're not looking for a lesbian relationship. Often, they'll self-identify as straight right off the bat because it helps them find the sort of GWB situation they're looking for. They're also prone to tossing out offers for girly BFF activities like brunch, shopping and mani-pedis, none of which are particularly relationship-y type activities.

Girls, it seems, just want a best friend they can fuck.