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Sex doesn t feel good anymore male


I'm a guy,...

Original post by tooosh I almost guarantee it's porn addiction or some form of sexual conditioning death grip etc. What about trying something new? What can be done about excessively prolonged morning wood? This factsheet is designed to help you figure out how to make sex feel good for you. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Sex doesn't feel good anymore and I'm male?

The answer is two fold — one, change sexual habits.

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Sex doesn't feel allowable anymore and I'm male? Yeah sex doesn't consider very good anymore, and not only that but I'm not really into it anymore and I don't know if it's because I'm not into it anymore or it hurts or something else. I had a apportionment of sex for nearby two years I merely had two partners but I had sex with them almost every prime, do you I had a lot of gender for about two years I only had two partners but I had sex with them scarcely every day, do you think that's the problem?

Are you sure you want to delete that answer? Love is an enticing element for us men, after we become involved in slightly tail we are in love with that individual. Or we are in love with getting slightly tail, that's accessory possibly the case than no longer. Love on the different hand receives superior as you befit older, it replaced into equipped on a own factor than a progenitive factor and has supernumerary to carry it mutually than lust.

Sex doesn't feel good...

These vitamins and minerals are essential for restoring or enhancing penis sensation. Talk to your partner s about safer sex. Well, sometimes the cause may be medical but this happens very rarely. Love is an enticing element for us men, after we get slightly tail we are in love with that individual. Ideally sex is a positive experience for you and your partner s. It sounds like a psychological issue.

Sex doesn t feel good anymore male

A penis, over time, receives a lot of use, abuse and misuse and all this activity can cause damage to the penile neurons, or nerves, of the penis.

Well, sometimes the cause may be medical but this happens very rarely. The instigator may also be chemical — smoking for example may, in addition to causing a host of other physical maladies, cause diminished penis sensitivity. Another frequent culprit is alcohol but as we all know when sobriety returns so does sensation and any feeling of numbness tends to vanish.

Pharmaceuticals, drugs and, chemicals, in general, can have adverse affects but, again, once the chemicals are removed from the body overall sensation tends to return. Unfortunately loss of penis sensation can, over time, be a natural occurrence. This can result from two main causes:

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Am I unnatural/weird for being how I am? Thread: trying to figure out why sex doesnt feel that great (serious) . It's the condoms man. im not saying you should go bareback. but it's. My Penis Doesn't Feel As Good As It Once Did If rough sex or frequent or aggressive masturbation is the cause of sensation loss then simply make a change..

Click to talk to a trained teen volunteer. Ideally sex is a positive experience for you and your partner s. This factsheet is designed to help you figure out how to make sex feel good for you. Sexual pleasure is different for everyone — we all have our own sensitive spots, fantasies and turn-ons.

Each sex partner will have their own too. And not everyone is into sex, or all kinds of sex. Understanding your own sexual needs, boundaries, preferences and desires, and communicating about them can help sex feel good. Here are some tips to help you better understand what feels good for you sexually:.

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