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More and more women are growing out their pubic hair, refusing to go bald, or forgoing that landing strip for the full hairy bush in all its glory. Recently, Amber Rose went viral for posting a picture on Instagram of her bush, and there was a feature written in Vice on June 6 declaring that hairy vulvas were making a comeback in the porn industry.

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After Rose posted her bush on social media, it was immediately followed by the AmberRoseChallenge, with some people cheering her on. But others poked fun at the image or condemned it, completely failing to see that her choice to pose nude from the waist down was something that might be a feminist move. The Tampa, Florida, college student believes most women remove their body hair because of societal beauty standards, which tell people: I shaved and waxed for those reasons, to feel wanted, to feel 'normal,'" she explained.

Barr isn't alone in feeling like society and media conditions women to think bare is the way to go. There's also research that backs this up. It was found that "w omen in the United States increasingly are grooming their pubic hair for cosmetic purposes," according to a JAMA Dermatology October study.

Of the 3, women included in the study, Even more, about 59 percent of women claimed that the most common reason for "grooming were for hygienic purposes," After all, the hair exists for a Big bush naked women shaved ATTN: Two doctors attested to this by telling the New York Times their own personal encounters with women and the things they shared with them about their grooming habits.

That's Roger Friedland 's opinion on the sudden reemergence of the bush. Many women whom I interviewed — Big bush naked women shaved this was about five years ago — about their pubic hair talked about feeling clean, the implication being that pubic hair made them dirty," Friedland, a visiting profess or at the Department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University NYUtold ATTN:.

If you want to fuck me, you better want me the way I am. He went on to explain that women are likely just fed up with having to alter their bodies in order for them to be deemed desirable.

It is about being visible as a woman, not a hairless pre-pubescent girl. It is about being powerful as you are, not as men want you to be.

Women with pubic hair are saying: This sentiment was echoed by Allyson Duff, who embarked on her own "no-shave journey" in May Why should our body hair make us 'less' attractive and 'less' of a woman? The Hawaii resident admitted that she started shaving at a very young age because she cared about what others thought of her and she didn't want to "inconvenience" them with her body hair. She explained that she believes it's very important for people to feel comfortable "Big bush naked women shaved" their appearance, which is why she started posting photos of her body hair.

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These women are far from alone, as there's a robust community on Tumblr of blogs full of photos shared by women and dedicated to women who are unafraid to rock their bush. I was genuinely surprised that the world kept on spinning.

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For a long time it had felt like my existence relied on having smooth skin, it was such a relief when I woke up with bristly pits and life went on unknowingly," Hillary Rock-Archer, co-founder of The Ugly Girls Club, told ATTN:. Ridiculous when you look back on it but all I wanted was to be normal and being hairless was Big bush naked women shaved and I still struggle to give an answer to why I felt like that," she said.


A woman's body hair shouldn't be a statement or resistance because it is, after all, natural. Now, with more women deciding to break from society's preconceived notions of how a woman should look to fit gender norms, Archer has a idea for how people should perceive any woman with visible body hair.

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