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Hand tattoos like rihanna sexual orientation


I was 18 years old when I got my first tattoo. Eventually, a friend who is also a skilled artist told me she does stick-and-poke tattoos for almost everyone she knows.

Inspired by stars like Rihanna,...

I immediately considered it. Although the process has been plagued with its fair share of safety concerns, there are more and more hand poke shops cropping up, which means tattoo professionals are dedicating their artistry to the unconventional form.

Ahead, two artists, Tiffani Waltonhand poker from SlowPoke Ink, and Muriel de Maimachine tattooer from her self-named shop, give their expert commentary on the never-ending machine versus hand-poke debate. The bare-bones difference boils down to how the ink is inserted into the skin.

The needle goes just as deep and the results are just as permanent.

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