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Sexual maturity of rabbits


See files for Rabbits. Knowing the period of heat in rabbits, whether female or male, is important. This is because being in heat can determine their behavior as well as how you need to care for them.

It can also make this care more difficult than usual. We also may misconstrue their behavior as something else or think that they are distressed in some way not that being in heat can't be distressing. This is why AnimalWised Sexual maturity of rabbits into the signs of heat period in rabbits for both males and females.

As with male rabbits, female...

This way we can determine why they are behaving in such a way, how long the behavior will last and what to do to make sure the rabbit is in as little distress as possible. The heat period for a rabbit is the time when it is at its most fertile.

This means that females will be in the most likely state to become pregnant and males will be the most readily able to inseminate them. This heat period will differ according to species. For example, female dogs will only be fertile for a few days a Sexual maturity of rabbits of times a year. They will lead up to this time with a period of bleeding which can last up to three weeks. On the other hand, animals like cats and rabbits have an induced ovulation which can, essentially, be maintained throughout the year.

It is not associated with any bleeding. This period of heat is known as the estrous cycle Sexual maturity of rabbits is different to the menstrual cycle which is common in some mammals like humans. One difference between these two states is that mammals with an estrous cycle reabsorb the endometrium which is shed in those with menstrual cycles. Some may not even be aware that male rabbits get in heat, but they do.

The Age of Sexual Maturity...

It is not the same physiological function as in female rabbits since they have different genitalia, but they do share certain characteristics. Rabbits are known for their precocity and speed with which they mate. With some variation, male rabbits can be sexually mature at the relatively young age of 4 - 6 months.

This may depend on their sizewith larger rabbits usually taking longer Sexual maturity of rabbits mature. With a life expectancy of somewhere around 8 - 10 years, this can mean a lot of procreation. They don't have periods of heat as in period of ovulation.

Instead, their heat is a pretty constant determination to copulate with peaks and troughs of activity. This translates to different changes in behavior which include:.

All of these manifestations of a rabbit in heat can, understandably, lead to distress. It is for this reason it is generally agreed that castration is the kindest course of action for a domesticated rabbit. It not only improves their quality of life, but it makes interaction with them bearable. If you have a male rabbit in constant heat, they will not be an easy pet to live with.

As with male rabbits, female rabbits Sexual maturity of rabbits reach sexual maturity very soon. There are variations in a female rabbits first heat periodbut it can start between 4 - 6 months of age. It also is maintained throughout their life cycle, also with periods of heightened or lessened sexual activity.

Lab Anim. Jan;12(1) Sexual maturity...

Rabbits should not present any blood during the estrous cycle. If they do, it is likely a sign something is wrong and may need to be taken to the veterinarian. The symptoms of a female rabbit in heat are similar to those of a male rabbit. We find they will mark territory with urine, have periods of both restlessness and aggression as well as riding objects for Sexual maturity of rabbits stimulation.

However, additionally, we can also see Sexual maturity of rabbits vulva appears more visible and may turn a reddish-brown color.

If pregnancy occurs, it will last about 30 days at the end of which they will give birth to somewhere between 1 and 5 kits baby rabbits.

After the birth, the rabbit will lactate to feed their young. However, unlike other animals, during this period, they are able to become pregnant again. This is one of the reasons rabbits are considered pests in some areas.

Their efficient and rapid ability to procreate can lead to large populations in just a relatively short Sexual maturity of rabbits. This is another reason it is important to be careful with unsterilized male and female rabbits. If you keep them together, they will likely breed quickly. In addition to the behavioral changes occurring during the estrous cyclerabbits are more prone to developing uterine tumours such as adenocarcinoma which are potentially life threatening.

This is another reason why early neutering or sterilization is recommended. This is especially so for rabbits which live longer as these life threatening conditions will only increase with age.

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