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Shakka ahmose homosexual relationship


Frederick M Jones I did but i couldn't I just wish more of our people took the time out and studied. April 11 at 8: Frederick M Jones Hey Shakka Shakka Ahmose Manu That's what I think smile. Got my copy in Trinidad 16 years ago. Frederick M Jones I wanted to pass it on to another Brother i know. Hopefully it will open his 3eye. Shakka Ahmose Manu I photocopied the Shakka ahmose homosexual relationship book. I did it in a copyshop in the Caribbean.

Imagine what that must've been like smile. Even with that being said if you study the specifics of the osiris myth it is no way,shape or form similar to the life of christ. April 11 at 9: Anthon Sahura Farrington Mr. Johnson, Do you know the origins of what those satanists subscribe to? What exactly they believe? What they are "hiding" from the masses?

Do you understand the esoteric significance of the myths? The truth and relation to your own body? The relation of your body to the earth? April 11 at Shakka Ahmose Manu Kevin I'm going to eat, take care of some business In the mean time I'll leave your assertions to those who would like to address them.

April 12 at Kevin Pendleton Johnson Excuse me brother anthon but i been understanding real good for quite some time. The statement "as above so below" is one that was used by Shakka ahmose homosexual relationship. This lady and i use the term loosley was also the inspiration for Hitlers "Final Solution" http: Hitler put our people in them camps also. Blavatsky is also the originator of the "Christ is a myth" theory which she lay's out in her book "Isis Unveiled".

Bailey another known satanist. I also understand that Budge,Massey and Wallis were also occultist with the latter two actually writing for her magazine the Luciferian http: Yeah my brother i understand plenty!

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April 12 at 2: I'm asking you to extend that to Shakka ahmose homosexual relationship as a common courtesy. Once I've responded to your comments you may respond freely as you wish. I just don't want the dialogue to get too far gone before I can participate.

You raise such juicy points i just wanted a chance to respond before the dialogue moves on. I'm sure you can appreciate that. Shakka Ahmose Manu That is of course unless someone respond to you, then naturally I would expect you to answer your critic as I or anyone else would. I asked if you understand where it came from, and it didn't start with Ms. Blavatsky whom you seem to be so fond of.

And Esoterics are not satanism btw, because Christianity has it's own esoteric side. You need to make sure you understand before you go rambling off and posting links that go to nowhere.

Error is not what you wanted me to see I believe? I do not follow them, I do understand though, that they have pieces of the puzzle that, once Shakka ahmose homosexual relationship under the microscope of careful scrutiny and observation, will have unchangeable truths in them, just as you have to sift gold out of the muck of a river.

I just noticed how you throw this "satanist" title around is similar to how others throw the "pagan" title around as a blanket Shakka ahmose homosexual relationship, without realizing just how seriously paganized Christianity itself is. Very impressed by the research done and the respect between u Brothers. I will continue to follow this thread.

Kevin Pendleton Johnson If you read the post about blavatsky's use of the phrase then you will see that you are parroting her word for word. What you would also understand is that religion in egypt was state ran and that the priest in heliopolis frequently change their associations and names. So that non of you can really know which myth or myths that you're supposed to follow. No need to debate the evidence in the links speak for themselves. Nothing that i have said can be contradicted.

Thats why i post whole links so i wouldnt be accused of taking something out of context or manipulating information. The facts stand as is. The myths are all changed by Shakka ahmose homosexual relationship priest from the onset of egyptian history, your version of the myths are the same as the satanist and they are all white people who started esoteric teaching and theosophy. Like i said before,i dont deal in assumptions or speculations i deal in facts and those are the undeniable facts.

Anthon Sahura Farrington The as above so below link you are talking about, as it wasn't clear obviously, does not work. Yet, I do not subscribe to Blavatsky, sorry.

By Shakka-Ahmose . throw us;...

You should know Shakka ahmose homosexual relationship understand, that along with face value, that Bible scriptures, as well as the Ancient myths, can be taken in more than one way parables anyone?

The King James Version now has 66 books, no longer including the apocrypha. This is symbolic to your 33 vertebrae in your spine, as well as the 33 nerves running up and down your spine. The symbology goes far, wide, and deep. Revelations itself is a Highly Esoteric book, directly relating to the brain and body!