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Bert newton wife sexual dysfunction


THERE is something very wrong with Bert Newton's misjudged 'gag' at the Logies about his old friend Graham Kennedy "mentoring" young talent behind locked dressing room doors.

BERT Newton's wife Patti has...

Sure, we know the year-old veteran entertainer lived in a very different era to present dayone where the MeToo movement would have been laughed out the door with a glint in the eye and a slap on the backside.

But the inference of Newton's one-liner was, of course, that his buddy - a famous and well established "Bert newton wife sexual dysfunction" on the Australian comedy circuit - was "mentoring" pretty young things in the hope of receiving sexual favours, safely concealed under the guise of "helping them with their career" while others turned a blind eye.

He was a great mentor, he mentored a lot of young people.

BERT Newton's Logies joke about...

You knew if you went to his dressing room [and] it was locked, he will be inside doing some mentoring," Newton said, an eyebrow raised as the Logies audience gasped. This storyline is starting to sound familiar. Do you want a side of Quaaludes with that?

Just a day later, AFL legend Barry Hall outraged Triple M listeners for telling a highly offensive "joke" about a former teammate's pregnant wife.

For those who have been living under a rock, the conversation inside the radio studio turned to a common medical procedure known as a membrane sweep and Hall piped up with a vulgar comment where he insinuated the doctor acted in a sexually inappropriate manner.

But these two examples beg the question - considering the global conversation about sexual misconduct this past year, how could either of these family men have possibly thought these joke were funny?

Bert and Patti Newton soak...

Newton's joke was particularly disturbing. I am not suggesting he knew about or was involved in sexual misconduct.

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