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How does lying affect relationships


According to a recent study, one in six Americans is on some sort of psychiatric drugmostly antidepressants. The statistic alone is depressing.

But what if our unhappiness epidemic has way more to do with us than we know or are willing to admit? Whether it was to get out of trouble or get another cookie from Dad when Mom had already said no. In a study by Robert P. Lanza, James Starr, and B. Skinner University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Universitytwo pigeons were taught to use symbols to communicate information about hidden colors to How does lying affect relationships other.

Lying Destroys You with its...

When reporting red was more generously reinforced than reporting yellow or green, both birds passed through a period in which they "lied" by reporting another color as red. Does feeling guilty, so long as we have an acceptable How does lying affect relationships, really make us decent humans? Or does it make us, more accurately and simply, well-intended liars? What do you think? It has gotten us into a bit of a bind.

We have wrapped ourselves pretty darn tightly in an effort maintain the pretense that we are who we want people to think we are. In a study by Dr. Anita Kelly and Lijuan Wang, Ph. University of Notre Dametitled, " A life How does lying affect relationships lies: How living honestly can affect health ," they found that Americans average around 11 lies per week.

In the study of people over 10 weeks, when half of the participants had to stop telling major and minor lies, their health significantly improved. Building a relationship on a foundation of secrecy and lies is like building a house directly on sand. You cannot sustain deep connections with people who only get to see the carefully edited "you.

You never feel fully loved for who you really are.

Every relationship is built on...

Learning to tell the truth is an art. If you can start to see and feel the difference between who you're being when you're honest and who you're being when you're not, you can bridge the gap.

In order to have true love, intimacy, and real connections, we must not only lighten up about our dark side our liar but have honest conversations about the hard stuff. Transparencywhat we all aim for, is sharing the real you—unfiltered and unrehearsed.

Every relationship is built on...

When you are being fully transparent, everyone in your life gets the real, unedited you. You feel totally alive, honest, current, and are dealing in your life fully.

Lies and secrets damage us...

Seems the age-old saying, "The truth shall make you free," has stuck around for a reason. Everyone has a lie list. Start by making yours. Some are easy to fix; some are not.

Know your brand of lying.

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