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Robosexual futurama


Jake Kornegay reviews Futuramathe sci-fi cartoon from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening--now back on the air after a seven-year absence. In case you've been hiding under a space rock, Futurama is Matt Groening's "other" show--the one he put his true nerd heart into. If Robosexual futurama looks like a Simpson's knockoff to you, bite your eye, fellow Earthican.

This is sweet, savory sci-fi at its most adventurous, presented in beautiful, Technicolor cartoon form. The show Robosexual futurama on Fry, a pizza delivery boy accidentally cryogenically frozen inwho wakes up in the yearawestruck by the technological marvels, mutants and alien beings he encounters.

He falls in unrequited love with Leela, a smart, sassy cyclops. He becomes best friends with Bender, a thieving, smoking, drinking, belching robot.

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And he works alongside a motley crew of other characters at Planet Express--once again as a delivery boy, only this time on a spaceship. Fox canceled Futurama in after rescheduling and pre-empting the Robosexual futurama to death, but its creators never gave up trying to bring it back.

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