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Texas law forbids sexual relationships between teachers and students


In many cases, the employee has done nothing wrong.

Unfortunately, this does not stop the misery the employee experiences. In many districts, the employee is automatically placed on administrative leave pending investigation, Texas law forbids sexual relationships between teachers and students that is just the beginning of the problem.

In really serious cases, we are seeing more and more public school employees charged with having sexual relations with students.

These charges can result not only in the loss of a job, but also in the loss of freedom as the employee is charged with criminal action and possibly sent to jail for up to 20 years. Most associations provide some money for defense against charges made by students or parents. Male teachers are especially vulnerable. What does the law say about relationships with a student?

The Texas Penal Code Section Texas Penal Code Section On-line solicitation specifically includes communicating in a sexually explicit manner with a student or distributing sexually explicit material to a student by email, text message, or other electronic message service for the sexual gratification of any person.

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