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Time to say i love you


We have all been locked in that position of fear and nerves.

"The regret of my life...

There is no hard and fast rule, some say at least 5 dates, others three months, and others 6 months. Love at first sight sounds greatand if your relationship last for years and years, you can tell the grand-kids, it was love at first sight.

But, in reality it takes time to get to know someone, time to love them, all of them. And it takes time for them to have the chance to fall in love with you.

So give yourself and your relationship time, probably more than 5 dates, maybe somewhere in-between that 3 and 6 month mark. The fact is there is infatuation and there is love, wait until you have moved past infatuation and into love. Everything our partner does is so adorable, that is infatuation. Do not tell them you do. Communication is a tricky little beast.

If you say it too...

I am not suggesting you turn I love you into a written outline of your feelings and intentions. I am suggesting that when you say the words, you say them in a way that your partner hears exactly what you meant to say. Again I blame movies. This might feel like the right moment. A great sign you are ready to say I love you, is that you can barely stop yourself from saying it.

If those three words are ready to leap from your mouth every time you talk to your partner, maybe it is time to go ahead and let them slip out.

I know, you have worked out every possible way this could go wrong. You are nervous, scared, and maybe a little shy. So you are just going to wait, if they love you your partner will say it first.

Except, what if that is exactly how your man feels? If you are in love, if you can check off most every other item off this list, it is time. Sometimes we wait so long that love slips away, better to try than to not try at all. Love is messy, dirty, and at times gross.

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