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Dragon age inquisition matchmaking problems


However, Bioware thought it would be nice to release a multiplayer mode as well, in which up to four players must defeat waves of enemies that are taken from the story-mode. Nothing wrong here, on the contrary, as having another Mass Effect 3 multiplayer clone set in a fantasy world provides players with more variety.

For Dragon Age: Inquisition on...

Inquisition multiplayer at least decent to play. Bioware introduced the weekend events for Dragon Age: Inquisition for about two weeks now to make things more fun for players and make them play more in order to achieve goals that would reward them free stuff.

Unfortunately, the last couple of days were pretty much a nightmare for Dragon age inquisition matchmaking problems who wanted to complete the multiplayer event announced by Bioware last Friday. After each failed attempt, you need to wait for a few loading screens in order to try connecting to a game once again.

If that happens times each time you want to play a multiplayer session, it completely ruins the experience and many players will give up on Dragon Age: Then there are some matchmaking issues, like for example the host has a very slow Internet connection and everyone is lagging during the game. Have you experienced any of these issues in the last week or so?

Re: Connection error.. Please help....

What other problems have you noticed? Everyone's favorite purple dragon has come back with a new graphical overhaul that will surprise pretty much anybody. The latest installment in the racing genre that brings gravity-defying stunts heavy weaponry to the racing field. Dec 29, Click to load comments.

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