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Hong jong hyun yura really hookup


By TinkiebellMarch 22, in shippers' paradise. I just watched Yura i "living alone" and someone commented if she was wearing the couple shoes and she was but technically they were her shoes before so it makes sense that she wears them. I can't screen cap it but when they were eating you can see it clearly. Not Hong jong hyun yura really hookup if this was shared before--I was looking up Jo Jung Sik Yura's fanboy and found they did a radio program together during Darling promotions.

He's a total fanboy, he can't stop looking at her and even knew the name to GsD's fanclub Daisy. HJH mentioned at 9: Some comments to Yura on naver Watching her in that variety show made me realized how I miss her on my screen.

I miss her laugh and her interaction with people. And it makes me missing her and Jjong on my screen even more! I love the two guys in the variety show.

I think you guys are right. They treated her well. I love how she is still the klutz of herself used to be with a little aura of calmness in her right now. She is still playing a joke like the way I used to remember her in WGM, still bubbly, and always try to do her best. Her seriousness when she was drawing is really pretty and I love how the guy acknowledge that. And I love the fact that she is doing all of that when she looks a bit tired and on her comfortable Hong jong hyun yura really hookup because now people have to look further than just her sexy image when they watch her.

I like that people comments are now drifting into how talented and how good her character are above other things. Dont get me wrong. I like her when she is being sexy and all and we all know how such article was in a naver top search and generated a lot of comments. When that happened, I am proud of her but I could not help feeling sorry for her at the same times.

I feel like people were objectifying her too much for her body and not for who she really was and what she was capable of doing and believe me, some articles that I read and the comments Hong jong hyun yura really hookup were so mean I think, as if this cute, adorable woman could only exist because she is living her of her sexy image alone and nothing else.

I felt like screaming to them, 'no she is not. She is a talented artist'. That is why I love, love, and love how her latest appearances in two variety shows albeit really short tend to project her as a talented artist from GsD rather than a 'sexy, bubbly' Yura from GsD.

You know what I mean? Again, she is a talented artist in her own right with a great attitude as a bonus and I am so happy that people begin to notice that. Yura completes Kangnam's mural 1. If I had a friend like her, it would be so easy to confide to her about concerns.

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On top of that, she's got amazing drawing skills. Men and women find her likeable. She draws quite well too. She has the talent for it.

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It would feel honoured if I could use a skill like that to volunteer! Yura is lovely 4. Her charms are never-ending. I like her so much Xports News -Naver 1. She's already so pretty but she has impressive drawing skills too. About Hani to be a one-time co-host in Inki Why oh why yura is so lovelyyyy i can't take my eyes of her! I Hong jong hyun yura really hookup sure ahyoungie is a faithful woman. Hmm i dont care about jsy me n my friend n my sister n my aunt agree that yura is way too hot, no one can beat her!.

I just finished watching Yura in ILA. I am sooo happy to see Yura again I love watching her being humble when she kindly greet the manager first and ask whether the manager is an artist also. She might be aware that people start seeing her as an artist, but she didn't acknowledge herself as 'seonsaengnim' in art as Gangnam told.

Hong Jong Hyun, who recently...

She came as a friend who's helping. I love watching her being determined and doing her best in 'helping' Just like Gangnam said, she really did her best-once she start drawing, she got immersed in it and very detail. I can't help but smile when she suggesting to order JUST jjajangmyun, tangsuyuk Uri Yura surely loves to eat Playful Yura is back when she quietly wrote "Gangnam pabo", but she easily believed and worried to the point that her face got red when told that the shirt is expensive blablabla I fall for her again!

The way she ask is Hong jong hyun yura really hookup friendly, sweet and cute. Although it's short moment, but it shows how she adores kids Hong jong hyun yura really hookup has maternal instinct.

If someday Yura decide to be a kindergarten teacher-teaching art, playing piano singing, dancing with kids, storytelling uri Yura is really good in doing voice impersonation in fun wayI will fully support her! And I'm really thankful that Gangnam and his manager took care of the dongsaeng-uri Yura really well. I like Jjongah but Yura on her own is awesome.

I didn't know GsD before coming to this forum but seeing how she perserveres under all circumstances while remaining beautiful, friendly, charming and funny puts her over the top. HJH is really lucky to know her. I'm glad he kept saying how grateful he was to her at the end of WGM. Best CSI and analysis ever! Ahyoung towards fanboys - a bubbly girl before wgm is now "building a wall" - it's up to you guys how you will interpret this.

After offline couple days from this forum, now I want to write something hang on in my mind since couple days ago. Although I am offlinebut in the middle of work and busy days I keep thinking jjongah. Sometimes I feel weird l think I have mention about this many timesbut the feeling still exist how can I to be fans of couple like this. I admire yura bcs although she looked cute and bubbly she's tough girl indeed, she tried hard to make the relationship flew fun and brought out the true side of HJH.

I admire HJH the way he care AY, nothing big deal just tied the shoes, or fix the helm that AY wore, or just take her side when he talked with his friend, relative, even with AY parent can make me goosebumps.

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It's not too muchbut sweet, the ingredients was just perfect. BUT I also keep thought myself, ok it's gone soon when the show ended, this is just show, i believe it's not scripted, so perhaps there's a feeling involved, but there's also chance it's just for show, they are actor and actress too. After the show ended I said ok this is the time to let it go. I'm sure "Hong jong hyun yura really hookup" will be disappointed,but everything will fade away The expression Hong jong hyun yura really hookup HJH when teased by director of arirang was like happines in the middle of shocking.

I sigh many times when I saw his expression, and yura's expression too when mentioned by gag guy, that she was taken. But I calm my self, hey he just present the award, those word of dir arirang could be scripted They try to hold themselves to not hold their hand each other. They put their hand above the desk, very close, or put their hand under the desk like holding each other but may be it's just delulu AY even touch HJH shoulder.

I can't hold myself to said, this kids have something!!! They're not in the middle time to promote WGM or anything that have corelation with they as couple.

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