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Stigmas and sexuality

Our findings suggest that effective...

Stigma is a broad term that is used to describe the negative and stereotypical thoughts, attitudes and feelings people may hold about another individual or community on the basis of specific traits like, for example, race, sexual orientation, gender or religion. Stigma Stigmas and sexuality been used to label certain groups as less worthy of respect than others.

These attitudes are spread by ignorance, prejudice and discrimination. When people act on their prejudice, stigma turns into discrimination.

Discrimination is an action or a decision that Stigmas and sexuality people negatively. Discrimination can happen on an individual level, for example, getting fired from a job because of a pregnancy or HIV status, being refused an apartment, verbal abuse, inappropriate jokes, harassment, being offered a lower salary, bullying, being rejected by your family.

Or it can happen on an institutional level, which is when laws and policies are inadequate, inequitable and fail to protect, all the while resources are unequally distributed.

Some individuals suffer discrimination on several grounds at once.

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